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Urban cafe with an established audience, located on the waterfront and overlooking the water. The space is divided into several zones with soft armchairs and sofas, where it is equally good to celebrate birthdays and go on dates. In general, Bo-Bo is a large lounge, where you may rest after passing exams, a hard day at the office or a long city tour. The menu includes mutton on a vegetable ‘pillow’, young octopus, khychiny with cheese, pasta with salmon and seafood and other varied interethnic food. The menu has a lot of snacks – there’s plenty of drinks to go with them, as well.

Evgeny Morozov/Welcome2018.com

The chain cafe, at first glance is a cute confectioner's, but in reality it’s a full-fledged city cafe with breakfasts, lunches, soups of all kinds, grilled fish, pasta, pancakes and other delicious food. There is a separate vegetarian section called "Without meat", and it consists of a full menu. A huge dessert section has cakes, pastries, ice cream – you can’t try it all in one sitting. In addition there’s a respectable wine list, with which you can get stuck here for a long time. The cafe is cozy, high ceilings have impressive chandeliers, it’s spacious, and everything is done with such glamour that you can sign an important contract here and celebrate the engagement in a fancy dress. There’s another bonus - the local confectionery shop makes custom exquisite children's cakes in the form of bears, dogs, beauty cases and characters of popular comics.

An urban cafe with trays, self-service and delicious food. Take a tray, go walk between the isles with food and choose the piece you like. The assortment of dishes is changing daily, which allows you to dine every day and not be bored. Although it is essentially a canteen, children's culinary master classes are held here, it is necessary to register on them in advance. In the middle of the establishment there is a TV, on which news and movies are broadcast. Prices are fabulous, food is fresh, so Lozhka is always full of people and cooks are working without stopping.

Evgeny Morozov/Welcome2018.com

A simple establishment that is in great demand among the locals thanks to low prices and decent food. Povareshka is a classic dining room with trays, a dispenser and cheerful interior: red tile, shiny spoons hanging from the ceiling, and a live singing canary in the corner. There’s Wi-Fi here, a definite plus for tourists and students. The menu is mainly home-made food, recognizable to Russians from childhood, and in large volumes - borscht, pies, cutlets, mashed potatoes, buns with poppy seeds and compote.