Fish restaurants

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One of the most spectacular restaurants in the city, it is located in a lighthouse - one of the city’s primary attractions. A rare view from the window (water, embankment and ducks), a cozy interior, in which there is a lot of wood, fleeting negligence in carelessly placed baskets, jars with preserves, books, and an interesting menu with a thoughtful serving of dishes. The cheese plate is not a plate here at all, but a dense tracing paper, on which delicious cheeses with grapes and honey are laid, beer and other alcohol are served in glasses, dressed in a woolen heating pad. The place is full of tourists, because this is best place to look at Koenigsberg lodges by the water and imagine how this city looked a hundred years ago. The establishment is dominated by French cuisine, it is necessary to try out fish dishes - soup with mussels, salade niçoise, grilled fish. On weekends the place has live music.

A popular fish restaurant among the townsfolk (translated as Fish Club), it is located in the beautiful Fishing Village by the water. Chamber environment, similar to the interior of a rich house from historical films about the past. The menu is dominated by Mediterranean cuisine - light salads, seafood in abundance, snails and fish of all kinds and cooked in different ways. If you bring a kid here, be sure to order him crab croissants - they are served in a crab pincer, which makes it so much more fun for the children. In the warm season, a patio opens – tables are placed under a tent by the water. Here it is customary to celebrate important events, lovers are usually sitting here with expensive champagne, and in general the place is quite busy so it’s best to book a table ahead. 

Evgeny Morozov/

A no-nonsense fish restaurant, located in the an architecturally significant building of Rossgarten Gate, erected in 1705. Once the gates were an important part of the city's defensive system. The restaurant has existed since 1992, during this time it has established an audience, and even foreigners and important officials are customary guests here - the combination of the local atmosphere and fresh fish is good for the mood. They also thought of children here - they can draw, ride a car around the place or just sit by the fireplace and watch the birch logs burning. The menu is full of fish and somewhat less meat. First of all, you should try fish soup with kulebyaka and "Lunch of the President" - a dish from the local smoked eel - such are the recommendations of the restaurant staff. There is an expansive wine list, restaurant staff will help sort it out and pick the right wine.

A chain fish restaurant, there are three in the city - this one is the most popular. An unpretentious interior, but a complex menu. In addition to meat dishes and snacks, there is a lot of fish and seafood, some dishes are cooked on the grill. There’s a complex wine list as well, waiters know what kind of wine is ideal for your choice of food - do not hesitate to ask. Here you can and should come with the whole family - periodically Nautilus arranges children's master classes. And there is a flexible system of discounts and special offers, for example, those who installed the restaurant app on their smartphone can rely on discounts and bonuses. On weekdays, there is a hearty lunch deal.

Nautilus is the recipient of several restaurant prizes, including "Golden Fork" for the best concept, and "Pumpernickel" for the best fish dish.