Ice cream

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In this chain, there is a great variety of unusual combinations and exotic flavours – raspberry and pomegranate, blackberry and raspberry, strawberry and banana, kiwi and strawberry, mango, pear in caramel, maple syrup with walnut, cherry in yogurt, banana in chocolate, bubble gum, guava, green apple, cheese cake, Mojito, pink grapefruit, chocolate and grand toffy.

An ice cream in a waffle cone is not the only option. You can take additional toppings (along with coffee and caramel there are also some unusual ones: blue curacao, pomegranate and maple syrup) as well as some sprinkles – starting from crushed nuts and ending with chocolate drops and even marmalade.
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This café is like an ode to ice cream, smoothies, fresh juices, lemonades, parfaits, hot chocolate and other sweet fluid things. Here you will find healthy yogurt in the form of ice cream. You can have it with cookies, vanilla, strawberry, mango and chocolate. More layered are those with parfait: bio muesli baked with honey, with fresh fruit and berries – tropical or forest ones, with chocolate – cereal or Oreo cookies and chocolate yogurt.

Unlike many other cafés, which serve frozen yogurt, here the yogurt is mixed especially thoroughly, that is why it becomes very smooth, without any ice crystals inside. Smoothies are also included into the ice cream programme – with tropical fruit, berries or the most popular flavour – strawberry and banana. Belgian waffles are best served with the smoothies. They come with cream cheese and berry fillings. Salty ones are also available (for example, with cheese and ham).
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Tim&Tim Ice Cream is a small experimental ice cream factory. Everything is prepared from natural ingredients: for example, the lemon curd ice cream here is really invigorating, you can feel the taste of real lemon peel twists, not flavour enhancers. The lime-eucalypt-spinach sorbet is very unusual, with a spicy and strong flavour, it is invaluable during hot summer days. Blackberry and lavender ice cream is full-flavoured and very smooth. Rosemary ice cream with calamansi sauce is the most colorful one, it has a light blue color.

In Tim&Tim Ice Cream you can find a black ice cream, which has become the best-selling product because it looks quite photogenic. It has a complex flavour, which has a secret composition. Vanilla is the only ingredient, which is disclosed. If this type of ice cream is too radical for you – you can stick to waffle cones and scoops. They are no different than the regular ones.
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In Amore traditions are valued, that is why only real Italian gelato made following old recipes with natural products. No ice cream there contains coloring agents or flavour enhancers – only real berries, cream and milk are used. There are many flavours available, it is hard to choose: you can have ice cream with Sicilian pistachio, with the darkest chocolate ever, with caramel and sea salt, with peanuts, mint, hazelnuts, vanilla (with Madagascar vanilla, which is full-flavoured) and mango flavour. In Aroma you can also find the classical Italian stracciatella gelato with chocolate crisps.

Among the sorbets there are smooth sea buckthorn fruit flavour, raspberry and, of course, the one with dark chocolate and orange. For those who love very sour and fresh flavours, in Amore there is a sorbet from passion fruit.
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With the start of the summer season the chain of bakeries and cake shops Bulka puts on the sidewalks its funny wagons with ice cream (it is always for sale in the cafes). In Bulka you can take a scoop or several scoops in a waffle cone or in a paper cup, but it is definitely more tasty to eat it in a waffle cone: it is not too sweet, although it is sugary, it crunches nicely and gives a nice twist to the sour flavours of the sorbets.

The recipes are classical – vanilla, chocolate, coffee, pistachio, with nuts and caramel, which predictably is called Snickers, with rum and raisins. There are also berry sorbets (very invigorating during the hot summer days): blackberry sorbets, mango, lychee with passion fruit, cherry and raspberry. During the most severe heat the assortment is getting bigger, one can find such flavours as banana, green tea with mint, and cinnamon.
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The full name of the café is "Chainaya Vysota – Dom Chaia I Morozhenogo" (The House of Tea and Ice Cream). There you can buy and try not only different kinds of tea, but also taste some of the most unusual sorts of ice cream in the city.

Sorbet based on birch tree juice "Birch vampire" with red lingonberry and juniper twigs, rich ice cream with tea, cloudberry and pine nuts, rich ice cream "Three nuts", sorbet with white rye beer (kvass) and chestnut honey, ginger and flax seeds.

Many ice cream flavours are served with tea. For example, "Plombir Poddubny, Truffle and Luxurious Pu-erh" or sorbet "Wheat Rising" are served with green tea, wheat sprigs and wheatgrass. There are more than 100 ice ream types in the menu, and every week some new ones appear.

Other sections in the menu are also represented well: tea is served with chocolate truffles, various cookies, while pancakes are with lavender and are served with blueberry or rose pancakes with roses and lingonberry.
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A veteran in the field of world ice cream production, Baskin Robbins presents a big line of products: more than 40 types of ice cream. Coupled with all the fillers and toppings – there are even about 50 flavours.

Tiramisu, sweet fig, lemon with pastry cream, almond and pistachio, French toast, salty caramel, coconut with pineapple, praline, retro pecan – all these flavours are tasty and colorful. There are also types of ice cream, which do not let you guess right away what they include. For example, Knight’s Heart is a vanilla ice cream with a cherry layer, Favourite Candy consists of caramel and layers of peanuts in chocolate, Bird of Happiness is a cherry ice cream with marshmallow, while Baseball Nut has cashews and a raspberry layer.
Real Italian ice cream in a small cozy café is prepared by chef Giuseppe Viani, the owner, who is a real Italian ice cream maker, telling stories about the delicacy of preparing sorbets and rich ice cream to all interested. The menu is big, the same as in Italy. The flavours are updated on a daily basis: ice cream with bitter chocolate, rich ice cream, mango, yogurt, caramel, forest berries, mint, raspberry, water melon, and surprise – carrot ice cream. The ice cream is served with real Italian coffee and delicious brioches. Along with ice cream this café propagates everything Italian. There is even a club of conversational Italian, where anyone may enhance their language skills. There is also a shop with candies, tea and olive oil. The goods are quite expensive, but very well presented.
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Moscow's No. 1 shop, Gosudarstvennyi universalnyi magazin (State Department Store), or GUM, has always been a tourist Mecca. The spot where the GUM stands was an outdoor market during the Middle Ages and later, before Catherine II ordered a proper indoor market built here in the Classicist style in the 18th century. They put Giacomo Quarenghi, the creator of the Pavlovsk Palace and Smolny Institute in Saint Petersburg, on the case, but the building was never completed according to his design. After the 1812 fire of Moscow, the project was commissioned to Joseph Bové, the creator of the Bolshoi Theatre, the Moscow Manege and the Triumphal Arch, but the building he had designed quickly went out of date and fell into neglect. The current building of the Upper Trading Rows, which GUM used to be called, was designed by Alexander Pomerantsev, an architect famous for innovation, and built in 1893. Pomerantsev's creation came out as a classic shopping mall of the same configuration that was widespread in Europe in the 19th century, albeit in the Pseudo-Russian style. When it came to the amazing glass vaults, Pomerantsev outsourced the work to Vladimir Shukhov, an engineer of genius, the inventor of arched vaults and numerous hyperboloid structures, including the famous Shukhov's Tower at Shabolovskaya. Shukhov has built the enormous 800-ton roof, which shines in the sun and appears weightless.

The historic restroom in GUM's basement was reopened in 2012, following protracted restoration. It looks much too chic for a restroom, rather resembling a room in some nobleman's mansion. The Bolsheviks closed the restroom after the 1917 Revolution. Perhaps they considered such luxury excessive. They say that the GUM was the first shop in the history of Soviet retail to introduce a book of complaints and suggestions, but there exists no conclusive historical evidence to prove it.

Muscovites go to the GUM to have a good time, not just to shop. There are a few cafés and a cinema on the third floor. It is customary to eat the delicious ice cream, sold in the GUM, by the fountain in the middle of the shop. It is also customary to schedule dates by the fountain.

The classical ice cream, which is familiar to any Muscovite from early age, can be definitely found in GUM. The sales of this ice cream started on July 3, 1954. In the basement of the store a special ice cream workshop was opened. In the beginning, only plombir (rich ice cream) and crème brûlée were prepared there, later on some other kinds of ice cream were introduced. The workshop is still operating, people who work there thoroughly keep the recipes and the production secrets of the ice cream in waffle cups.

Some time ago in GUM there were elegant saleswomen with ice cream wagons, where you could see a lot of crunchy waffle cups with traditional flavors: rich cream, crème brûlée, cream with chocolate crisps, melon. Now you can see big kiosk in GUM, where the assortment has become bigger: along with the classical flavors you can find cherry, pistachio, and Eskimo ice cream in foil paper. There is a big line in front of the kiosks even during wintertime.
Gorky Park during the stage of its renovation decided to revive the good tradition of selling its own homemade ice cream. Now on the territory of the park there are white ice cream kiosks, where you can find ice cream in paper cups or ice lollies in a slightly nostalgic packaging.

Gorky Park has all in all eight types of original in-house ice cream. Ice cream is such a valued product in the park, that its' image was used on badges, magnets and passport covers. All these souvenirs are for sale in the souvenir kiosks in the Park. In the online shop of the Park you can also buy a porcelain copy of the waffle cup, which looks so real, you would want to taste it right away.