Bars and Pubs

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This pub is famous for its "home" interpretations of known beer varieties and its own beers. For example, you can buy here a barrel of five litres with the author's American Pale Ale, or a classic Pilsner lager, or else 1516 stout.

Beer should be tasted among copper pipes and best of all – after the malt distillery tour. During the tour, they will tell you and show you where and how the beer is brewed and to answer all your questions, they will let you taste the malt and, of course, appreciate the taste of the resulting beverage.

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The restaurants of this chain only serve Czech beer – even the well known black and tan, and the desserts section includes dark beer ice cream. Liqueurs are also served: Fernet, Becherovka, Hruskovice, Jablkovice, plum liqueur. However, you can also try Slovak liqueurs (Borovicka, bohemian honey).

Czech cuisine is presented in all its glory: smoked pig ears, smazak (fried breaded cheese), foie gras with cranberry jam, and toasts of rye bread with garlic. Sausages make an especially large section of the menu: homemade sausages of different meat on a wooden tray. It will be difficult for one person to finish a serving as it is huge. So you had better have company with you.

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Wooden terraces with views of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, the Moskva River, lecture and concert venues come alive in the summer. They are all packed with fashionable young people with cocktails and soft drinks. In the cold season, the bar is good for dinner. Portions are huge and inexpensive compared to the evening menu. The latter is not cheap, but tasty, even simple snacks such as haddock nuggets.

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This is a typical Belgian brasserie chain with a unique selection of beers. There are more than 60 Belgian varieties alone, plus the English ales, Irish stouts and a modest collection of craft beers from around the world.

Appetizers include immutable Belgian waffles, barley porridge with beef, crabs, shrimp popcorn, sprats with gherkins on toasts, zucchini sticks with cheese sauce and, of course, fragrant garlic toasts.
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This is a collection of colourful beer chapters. Beermarket is a place where you can find the most surprising things. Double ruthless IPA Lord of the Hops with tangerine puree, the German wheat ale Blood Orange Gose with lactobacilli, coriander and sea salt, the Mumbaja ale with the scent of mango, lime and watermelon, IPA from Russian breweries (e.g., Volkovskaya), aged in oak barrels La Trappe Quadruple Oak, Estonian amber ale Madam Butterfly with bergamot and cornflower petals. All this diversity is placed on long shelves. Bartenders can talk for hours about the most curious beers and advise a pint after a pint.

This is a pub "for close friends," known primarily for its contests, competitions and games. Sales and discounts are also common here, especially for parties and for those who want to take a case of beer to go.

The choice is huge. They even serve beer cocktails. In the cold season, the local bartenders can warm you beer: Stout with cinnamon, cloves and vanilla syrup, and ale – with orange, honey and cinnamon. They also serve original rye burgers, Irish stew, fish-n-chips, cheese and chicken balls and lime cheesecake – the favourite of all the sweet teeth.
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Previously, one of the last stores in the centre that held the Soviet tradition was on the site of this bar. The store was called Moloko (Milk) and had everything that our grandparents remember: abacus, handwritten notes for the cashier, two queues and prices for bread and milk that would look ridiculous today. Now the store is closed. A bar opened in its place, but the name was kept out of respect to the predecessor.

The new brightly lit Moloko serves cocktails in the evening: the Tyrolean mulled wine for frosty nights, the Old Fashioned for summer parties, and the Old Boy for a dinner with colleagues. The food selection is also decent: breakfasts with pancakes, cottage cheese pancakes, cereals, especially loved by regulars, and an excellent choice of coffee – with milk, of course.

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This dear old pub is the unofficial MU fans' residence. During the matches, it is packed. Everyone who could not get a seat stand, shout and wave their glasses. There are two large and eight smaller screens, so matches can be seen from any corner.

Since the beginning of craft beer boom, the "industrial" range at Bobby Dazzler Pub immediately began to seem old-fashioned, but the bar regulars are proud of it and consider it a pleasant retrograde whim. There is a total of 20 taps of beers and ciders (pay special attention to the pear one). Ales from England, Scottish stouts, German lagers, Belgian lambic – everything as it should be.

The menu is ascetic. Each section only offers one or two dishes, but they are what is necessary for beer: mille-feuille with apples and herring, duck leg in honey, Torridon roast beef with vegetables, hot chocolate flower "Fiori Notte," air-cured turkey, Scottish pig ears, mini salami, and wild leek.

Enthusiast is a curious example of a downtown café that manages to stay inexpensive, delicious and full of people on Fridays and weekends even in summer, when Moscow seems half-deserted. Basically, it is a typical local pub in the British sense of this word: a place where people come to have a pint of craft beer, discuss motorbikes (there is a motorbike workshop), watch movies (every week there is a new film about music, speed, and Rock 'n' Roll), listen to some lectures and meet up with friends.

Weekdays here are also great. Lunch menu includes excellent and filling sandwiches (with baked vegetables, chicken, tuna, and baked salmon), soups of the day and brownies, and breakfast menu has great eggs on toast and more. Once the terrace is opened in the summer, the little courtyard in the centre of Moscow is transformed: wooden tables, hanging lamps and chairs made out of old beer kegs, lounge chairs and palm trees in huge tubs – a great way to spend the day, eating tabouli salad and polishing it off with apple cider.

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Tap & Barrel Pub's guideline for all food seems to be: "only the best and all your favourites": salmon Ceviche, kvas and kefir Okroshka, strawberry and raspberry Gazpacho, pastrami sandwich, onion soup, Caesar, Greek salad, homemade pâté, ham hock, pasta Carbonara. No great revelations, just great food. The beer and nibbles section makes particularly lucid sense: sausages, garlic crouton baskets, breaded cheese baskets, and the special beer basket, thoughtfully packed with everything a large party of fans may need while watching a game: Buffalo wings, shrimp, jalapeno cheese puffs, suluguni cheese, calamari rings, onion rings, and potato wedges. There is a huge selection of beer to choose from.