Picturesque restaurants

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The café of the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art has always been famous for its light, delicious and unusual cuisine. The serve breakfast here for the whole day: scrambled eggs with fillings to choose – from ham to tomatoes, oatmeal porridge with chocolate, a brioche toast with orange marmalade – the options not worse than the main menu. The latter has its summery choices including grilled veggies, cold soup with green peas and mint, green seafood risotto, Asian-style salmon with lentil salsa.

You can order any dish for take away and enjoy it on a lawn nearby. The restaurant also offers is a special kid's menu for its youngest foodies that features a chicken cutlet with cabbage salad, pasta with stewed beef, and fish and chips. The famous chef of the café, Ilya Shalev reigns in the kitchen, and it means that foodies shall await from the restaurant a delicious and unorthodox lunch menu.

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This year the menu of the restaurant in Gorky Park has been updated specially for summer – now they offer a crispy ultra thin crust pizza (with roasted veggies, pepperoni, shrimps, four cheeses, bolognese), a cheese plate for two with a glass of wine, caprese salad with tomatoes, a soup with turkey meatballs and homemade noodles, a grilled salmon and a burger with onion chutney.

Party-goers come to 8 Oz. in the evening, and they come here for an early coffee as well, hiding their eyes in the shades. The café has a really nice setting – it stands about the middle of lilac shrubs and a pond. But if you want to take a walk in the park, you would rather get a scoop of ice cream – a chocolate and coconut scoop or passion fruit sorbet. The café has the kid's menu with macaroni, cutlets and a chicken broth with noodles.

In a new Russian science city Skolkovo where everything is unlike Moscow (for example, here you can find Tesla space type chargers for electric vehicles), there is a real green and hilly golf course and a restaurant that looks over it. French style reigns in the kitchen – the menu features poached eggs with spinach and salmon, laid on top of each other as a pyramid, a beetroot tart with goat cheese, classical pâtés and terrines, including some colourful veggy varieties, fritters cooked on dark beer with raisins and maple syrup, corn tortellini with truffle and parmesan. They organize cooking workshops here, and there is nothing better than that on holidays. For example, on the eve of Catholic Christmas they cooked a classic French apple tart with almond frangipane and vanilla ice cream.

You should rather find a seat on the open terrace with a view – watching sunsets here will be especially enjoyable.

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La Boule, a cosy spot in Gorky Park, is hidden in the back line of the park. Formally, this is a petanque café – this is a small house with a kitchen, a bar and a terrace, and neat rows of lines for petanque. The house is entwined with lamps and lanterns to light up French posters praising the benefits of healthy rest.

The crowd here queues for lemonades made of cherry and almond, tarragon, ginger, and, of course, a classic lemonade. They queue for the food as well, uncomplicated, but very decent – croissants, soups of the day, hot sandwiches and haddock croquettes.

The menu is short, but it is ideal for those who do not want to be distracted from petanque: the tournaments are being held here weekly. Cider and beer naturally complete the bar menu.

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This tiny restaurant furnished in such a way that everyone just wants to rest and lie in a hammock here, has a rich history – previously, it was located on the rooftop in the very centre of Moscow, and then, all of a sudden, it moved to Sokolniki Park.

Today Sea Inside, which looks like either a lighthouse or a cozy cottage, is surrounded by jasmine brushwood, pet squirrels, outdoor swimming pool and trees with dense foliage, and this is why it is always so quiet here. And this is despite the liveliness of the park during the weekend!

Sea Inside does not serve meat courses, but they try to recreate the sea on a plate: they serve spicy tom yum soup, shrimps, seafood risotto, salmon ciabatta, baked sea bass with rice, baked perch with vegetables. Those foodies who do not like fish would find here other choices, for example, "Eternal values" – fried potatoes with mushrooms and onions, served with a salad of cabbage and carrot. The dessert menu is really amazing here – it features a carrot pie, a date pie and a caramel crème brûlée which is always served with a cup of coffee.

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In a quiet corner of Rublevka Neighbourhood in summer Berth builds a veranda with summer houses right on water – perfectly refreshing with a couple of glasses of white wine. It is surrounded with dense shady tousles on both banks and twin-hulled ships and boats, scurrying back and forth along the Moscow river (you can rent them here).

The menu offers the most popular dishes from all cuisines of the world including substantial starters, like omul caviar with sour cream and potato fritters, classic chicken or shrimp Cesar salad, crispy mushrooms in sour cream, nourishing fish soup with sturgeon and salmon, Uzbek lagman with lamb, grilled Ribeye steak, European carp on a pan, homemade veal meatballs with potato mashed potatoes, chicken with pineapple and spinach with walnuts. They serve everyone's favourite's desserts – pipes with cream, blueberry and apple pies with ice-cream. Despite mixing up a few cuisines, chef Sergey Nosov knows what he is doing and cooks really well – the foodies here are very demanding and they will not tolerate faking.

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This café that stands in the trees and shrubs does not have a view over the lake, but it faces the Golitsyn Pond instead. It instantly feels like a teleportation to Bali – the setting features a big pool, wooden terraces, paper lanterns and cozy tables. In summer it is getting really hot here: the programme includes DJ sets, everybody dances till the dawn, and some daredevils would even dive into the pool in their clothes. Normally, people would come here to treat themselves to a spicy Thai food which is the most affordable in Moscow (2/3 of the menu here is based on Thai dishes), and refreshing lemonades.

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The restaurant "Mark and the Lion" in Rublevka Neighbourhood is a younger brother of the eponymous restaurant in the Tula Region. The real rustic Mark and the Lion is the first locavore restaurant in Russia. It means that they use many farmers' ingredients which did not have to go a long way from a village to the city, and later – to the plate of a restaurant-goer.

The cuisine is based mainly on seasonal dishes including mushrooms, veggies, berries. Mark and the Lion would buy meat only from trustworthy farmers (the menu even mentions their names). The menu features rabbit liver pâté, salad with veal tongue and poached eggs, ox tails with cheesy potatoes, goose leg with cabbage, creamy perch soup and popcorn, sauerkraut soup. Mark and the Lion has an obvious fancy for modern Russian cuisine which is really rare nowadays.

The dessert menu offers no less intricate choices – ice cream made from baked milk with Tula gingerbread and berries, honey pie with caramelized milk, and blueberry and red currant sorbet.