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The Tennispark Tennis Club, popular among Rostovites, is located on the Left Bank of River Don and is built to the highest standards. There are ten tennis courts, six of them are open air.

The club prides itself on the Italian ground coat on open courts and in bulk - on indoor, as well as other infrastructure: changing rooms, showers, restaurant complex.

A separate service of the club is Tennispark children's tennis school.

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There are at least three reasons to visit the Don club. First, its location on the territory of the Starocherkasskaya village, known for its historical monuments, and unusually picturesque surroundings. Second, a diverse infrastructure - a well-equipped clubhouse with comfortable dressing rooms, a shop with equipment from international sports brands, a restaurant complex. And finally, the field itself – it is unique for the south of Russia with 18 holes, and a wonderful view of the banks of the Don.

Every year the golf club hosts tournaments for amateurs and for professional players, there is a children's golf school.

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The Rostov-on-Don racetrack dates back to 1888, when one of the most popular entertainment in the city was trotting. Rostov merchants liked to boast to each other speed and the stats of their trotters.

In 1901, the racetrack moved to the territory where it is located today, and later became the main arena for horses grown in the south of Russia and the North Caucasus.

Coming to spectate horse racing became especially popular among Rostov locals starting in the 1960s, when the track for a steeplechase was built at the racetrack, in terms of quality close to the best European tracks.

Today on the territory of the Rostov Hippodrome there is Favorit, a horse-riding club, which offers rental of horses of 20 breeds and ponies. It is better to register for classes in advance.

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Monkey's Park is a rare opportunity to feel yourself in the shoes (or skin) of our ancestors and climb trees. The extreme club has two sites – one in the Revolution Park and another one in the Octopus water park. Instructors offer several rope routes, running through trees and artificial supports. Depending on the athletic prowess, visitors are invited to try their hand at a difficult rope crossing or the basic route. There are tracks even for children from three years old. Both sites are open all year round.

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A trampoline is not only a entertainment for kids, but also an excellent workout device that develops different muscle groups, agility and coordination. In Rostov, this particulars trampoline center opened in late 2014 and has since found popularity among fans of active and non-standard recreation, as well as athletes. The center is proud of its trainers, among them there are masters and candidates for master of sports in acrobatics and gymnastics. In the center, classes are held in various levels of difficulty, from preparatory to high.

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A popular sports club at the Rostov helicopter factory is equipped with modern facilities, allowing customers to play table tennis, basketball, volleyball. There are two futsal fields – one indoor, and one open air, with artificial turf. There are locker rooms and showers on site.

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The Delta of River Don is rich in picturesque landscapes and natural beauties. Traveling down the river on a raft equipped with a wardroom and two water-resistant tents allows you to combine sightseeing, exercise and relaxed leisure by the water. Among the sights are monasteries and churches, chalk mountains, places where Nobel Prize winner Mikhail Sholokhov spent his youth, old villages and hamlets. You can choose one of a dozen rafting routes. The standard one takes about 5 days. Before the trek, travelers are instructed, they are assisted in picking up equipment and gear for the journey.

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Schepkinsky Forest, the largest nature reserve in Rostov-on-Don, is located in the north-eastern part of the city. Forests in the Rostov region with its extensive steppes are extremely rare, and therefore Shepka, as it is called by the townspeople, has been popular with residents of the city for several generations.

Remoteness from the city center allows you to feel one with nature, and if you are lucky - also to meet some forest inhabitants: pheasants, wild ducks, hares, foxes, wild boars. Hunting in the Schepkinsky forest is prohibited, although it is not forbidden to fish in one of the local ponds. The ideal means of transportation through the forest is a bicycle.