Restaurants near Levberdon City Beach

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People go to the left bank of the Don river to experience the local flavour. There everything embodies this special local style. The interior is made in line with the traditional Cossack home style. There are three halls in the restaurant – the Garden, the Izba and the Veranda. Guests are welcomed by Kazak men and women, which have literally came from the pages of Tikhiy Don novel.

The cuisine in Kuren is also made according to Cossack traditions – it is plain, homemade and nourishing, the one, which has been cooked on the Don land since ancient times. It is recommended to have a substantial approach to the meal: you should eat ukha soup with carp slowly, devour duck meat, marinated in honey, Cossack style sausages with garlic, spices and pickles, carp, kurnik chicken pie, pancakes and pirogi pies.

The homemade pickled vegetables go perfectly well with the special samogon (homemade alcohol) based on dill, pepper and garlic. For those, who find this drink too hard, the restaurant offers a chance to try a historical type of Don wine – the krasnostop. This famous Zolotov wine brand was mentioned for the first time in the records in the beginning for the 19th century.

Mikhail Mordasov/ТАSS
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This is a place, which attracts the fans of nourishing and solid German cuisine, as well as those, who love beer. The restaurant Averon follows a specific style both in the interior and in the way the dishes are cooked. A cosy fireplace, antique lamps, large candle holders, the traditional outfits of the staff are all a natural addition to the menu. "Rhine with seafood" with shrimps, mussels and kiwi, a plenty of grilled sausages (the tastiest ones are the Weiswurtt sausages), a traditional Alsace meat pie, as well as the Schtolz secrets – a tender pike perch fillet with sea scallops in cream sauce. You should try the special shashlik kebab made from river catfish and grilled quails in ginger-wine sauce.

Averon has a reputation of a place for family leisure. While parents are exploring the Prussian culinary traditions, the kids may have dishes from a special menu, they may also jump on a tramp, spend some time in the sandbox and have fun at the slides.

Mikhail Mordasov/ТАSS

It is said that the tastiest shashlik kebab in town is prepared there.

The personnel are not overwhelmed with modern things – the main and only important thing is meat, juicy bites right from the charcoal grill on a bone or without one. It is better to order beforehand as there are many people, who wish to try the dishes in the restaurant, a lot of clients use the take away service.

You may bring alcohol, bread, vegetables and other food with you, if you have ordered shashlik, and you may also eat all the tasty things at ease with a view to the Don river. After the meal you can take a walk to the banks of the river and watch the way people dance on the dance poll.