Bars and pubs

An important alcohol-serving place for the city. The best sommelier are responsible for the wine card here. It is also the place with one of the best whiskey selections in the city. Food, like in many other alcohol-focused establishments, takes a second place, and rightfully so. Seafood (many of the specimens live right here in the aquarium), steaks, pates, a lot of meat - all this fits into the dinner of the stern whiskey drinking man. Periodically, hosts organize parties and presentations of new or old and favorite alcohol brands. The audience here is bourgeois and quiet - patrons celebrate jubilees of corporations, profitable deals, the name-day of the head of the family, and arrange spectacular children's holidays with girls in long dresses and boys in tailcoats.            

A popular chain bar, this establishment can be found in many Russian cities. Samara bar is a huge one, holds almost a thousand people, and it is the most important concert venue of the city. Various Russian performers come here, popular foreign musicians toured here occasionally as well. The bar has its own brewery, and a separate menu has been create for beer food, headed by the pork knuckle. Be prepared for the fact that the ‘dietary’ section in the menu is not exactly what it sounds like. There you will find Olivier salad, herring, baked eggplants, albeit boiled chicken fillet is also present. It is also important to know that in the evenings there is a cover charge, but the patrons don’t mind, and the place is always crowded.

Two-story Irish bar in a mall, where they sure know how to have fun. Concerts, dancing until morning, cocktail parties, alcoholic presentations and corporate events - there's always something to celebrate. You can safely come here alone, if you feel like being close to cheerful people. Food is a not a priority here, there is a menu, but the bar’s purpose is definitely not to serve food here.

The bar menu is vast, but bartenders will not let you get lost in it. If you do decide to eat, then you should know that the menu here is suited to complement alcohol. British staples are aplenty here: fish and chips, Dublin roasted sausages, traditional Irish breakfasts with sausages and beans. By the way, breakfasts are available only to those who drink before 5 a.m., as for the rest the bar opens no earlier than 1 p.m.

An important city landmark, an ancient beer house, which you must necessarily visit, even if you do not drink beer - just to have an idea about the urban drinking culture - crayfish, dried fish, sausages, Soviet beer mugs. Once it was just a kiosk that was particularly successful among various communities, who value tradition over conventions. Here you could easily find a frequenter of similar establishments, or a professor at a local university. Now it's a bright cafe with old furniture and good local beer.

Samara beer is an important tourist attraction. The brewery, founded in the late 19th century by Alfred von Vacano, had an irreproachable reputation for a long time. Be sure to ask the staff about the past of Na Dne and listen to its legends. Important information: the establishment accepts cash only.

Half-timbered two-story house, just like those found in provincial Germany. With German pedantry, for more than a decade now, it has been regularly serving  good beer along with classic beer food. A huge selection of beer is accompanied by a snacks headlined by an impressive pork knuckle. In the evenings, on weekends and on holidays, drinking ends with merry songs and dances, so if you do not know how to brighten up the evening, then this is the place for you. Another characteristic feature: this establishment is equally suited for anyone, regardless of background or social standing, in part because of cheerful waitresses dressed up in Bavarian national costumes with lush skirts, lantern sleeves, and historically accurate décolleté.

A chain pub with a typical interior for such types of establishments - copper and wood, floor-to-ceiling windows, large distance between tables. The main dish on the menu is pork knuckle, and it is ordered mostly by men happy with their lives. In summer there is a patio: an excellent escape from the heat with the help of a glass of cold beer. On weekdays there is a lunch deal here, and, what's important, is that it starts almost in the morning, from 12 p.m.

The restaurant at a local beer factory, opened at the end of the 19th century by the Austrian nobleman Alfred von Vacano which subsequently became the Zhigulevsky Beer Factory. The latter made Samara famous nation-wide for many years. Patrons come here for beer, which is produced at the factory and is in high demand among the locals. Snack include olives, shrimp, basturma and sujuk. Interior is quite impressive - everywhere you glance you see stuffed deer and moose and other hunting trophies.