Galleries and exhibition spaces

Inna Mendelsohn/

Founded in 2005 by Russian entrepreneur Leonid Michelson, Viktoria Gallery hosts exhibition of 20th-century and modern art, including local artists. In 2011 Viktoria lent its space to a notable project, Afghanistan-Kuzminki. A Human Oratory, the art performance based on a long poem by Russian philosopher and culture historian Keti Chukhrov.

Viktoria frequently hosts concerts, lectures and art talks. The gallery runs a school of photography and school of modern art, as well as drawing and painting lessons for the general public. 

Expo Volga is the biggest convention complex in Samara, hosting shows on any subject, from fishing to high-rise construction. The exhibitions are often combined with regional or international conferences and conventions of all kinds. Expo Volga has a time-table of their exhibitions posted on their website. All expos are usually open to the public.  

It is customary for Volga Expo to focus on topics like fishing and hunting in springtime, offering subject-specific workshops, master classes, games and sports competitions. Whereas men flock to Expo Volga in springtime, autumn is reserved for women, what with the annual Charm Profi expo, showcasing the latest trends in the international beauty industry, offering free makeup samples or even a complete image makeover.   

The Orthodox Christian fair, Blessed Samara, comes to Expo Volga every year-end. Visitors line up to touch holy objects brought here from churches and monasteries across Russia and beyond. The goods on offer include honey, sweets, tea, nuts, garments from natural fabrics, and handmade jewellery.  

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Novoe Prostranstvo (New Space) is an experimental space for exhibitions, art projects, concerts, theatre performances, workshops, book presentations, talks, social initiatives and what not. For instance, they host an annual designer doll and puppet exhibition with wireframe and ball-jointed dolls, bedroom dolls and cloth puppets on display. Samara’s Gorod theatre company performs its “prose and poetry evenings” and plays here.  

Others events at New Space include a comic strips d’auteur show and an art project wholly devoted to the culture of rock music in Samara. The gallery is affiliated with the Universal Research Library of the Samara Region. 

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On display at Babylon are paintings representing many genres and generations of artists. Artworks from different parts of Russia and beyond can be found here, as well as works by Samara artists.

Babylon has hosted guest exhibitions for St. Petersburg artists Aron Zinshtein, Tuman Jumabaev and Nikolai Blokhin, Moscow artists Eduard Anikonov and Dmitry and Viktoria Levin, and artists from Penza Vladimir Pentiukh and Andrei Rotanin. Designers and sculptors also exhibit their art at Babylon.