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One of the postcards of the Samara region. All-Russia festival of bard song takes place annually since 1968 in memory of the student of the Kuibyshev Aviation Institute Valery Grushin, who died during a trip along the Uda River, while saving drowning children. Grusha (colloquial name of the festival) is hosted on the first weekend of July. 

The venue is the picturesque Mastryukovskie Lakes in the Stavropol district of the Samara region. In the first few years the festival attracted tourists and fans of bard song from the Samara region. Today, Grusha is popular not only in Russia, but also abroad. Tens of thousands of people come to the festival. The main symbol of Grusha is a floating stage in the form of a guitar. Almost all famous masters of the bard song performed at it in different years, including Yuri Vizbor, Oleg Mityaev, Alexander Gorodnitsky, Alexander Dolsky, Tatyana and Sergei Nikitin, Galina Khomchik, Mishchuk brothers and many others. The festival was visited by celebrities such as poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko and cosmonaut Georgy Grechko. Grusha is not just a festival, but also a song contest, in which anyone can take part.

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The festival takes place in summer on the bank of the Volga River against the backdrop of the Zhiguli Mountains in the green zone of the city of Tolyatti. Organizers are trying not only to share classical music among as many people as possible, but also to allow young musicians to perform on the same stage as established stars. 

In its first year, in 2008, Classic over Volga gathered 1,900 spectators and 90 performers, and in 2014 the numbers climbed to 4,700 guests and 250 artists. From the very beginning the festival was international. Guests of Classics over Volga include stars of world opera Zurab Sotkilava and Elena Obraztsova. Since 2015, the head of the festival is Fabio Mastrangelo (artistic director of the Saint Petersburg Music Hall State Theater). Classic over Volga is the winner of the Grand Prix of the national Russian Event Awards-2015 in Best Cultural Event nomination. In 2016, the event received a new name - Tremolo Festival of music and arts.

The festival is held in late July at Mastryukovskie Lakes of  the Samara region since 2007. Participants of the Grushinsky Festival, who play jazz, folk, reggae and other variety music, decided to gather once more on the already-popular glade. From a small local event, Metafest gradually turned into a large-scale music festival. Currently it lasts several days and has several stages.  Throughout the years it was headlined by such famous bands as Masha i Medvedi and Billy's Band. Young talents also have their time to shine here: Metafest regularly provides the stage to recently created bands from Samara and other cities.

Metafast also has entertainment and sporting facilities, food courts and cafes.

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This international ethnic festival is held since 2003 at the Transportnik recreation center on Fedorovskie Luga (meadows) in Tolyatti. The name speaks for itself: masters of all varieties of this musical instrument from different cities of Russia, as well as other countries - Austria, the USA, Latvia, Italy, Lebanon, New Guinea, Senegal, Cuba, India and Israel – gather here to showcase their skill. Besides concerts, spectators are offered master classes on playing the drum, creative workshops and various workshops. Drums of the World also has an ethnic fair operating throughout the festival.

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The official name is the Interregional Festival of Embankments VolgaFest . It runs from 2016. For several days the second line of the Samara embankment turns into an art area with various entertainments, music, theatrical performances and art installations scattered about. The festival space is divided into several thematic areas, including gastronomic, sports and educational zones. Contemporary artists and designers showcase their works, and architectural workshops allow anyone a chance to present their ideas on improving the urban environment. In addition, visitors to the festival are in for a show of giant kites and a sailing regatta. There are performances of street theaters across the whole embankment, both young and eminent artists perform at the music stage.

This winter festival is held in the Samara region since 2004. It unites motor sport enthusiasts from all over Russia and even other countries. Competitions are held in various classes and categories during the festival. The highlight is a unimoto performance, where daring souls ride homemade motorcycles with one wheel. The festival is worth visiting at least for the sake of these masterpieces, which are created in garages from whatever is available - from lawn mowers to concrete mixers. In 2016 a team from the village of Valy, Samara region, unveiled a steam-powered unimoto. The festival does not have a permanent venue, so the place varies from year to year. In 2015, SNOWDOGS won the Russian Event Grand Prix as the best event in the field of sports.

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The regional gastronomic festival since 2001 takes place in the city of Syzran, Samara region, on the third weekend of August. The venue choice was no accident: Syzran is called the tomato capital of the Volga region. Every year, fans of tomatoes from the Samara region, neighboring cities and even other countries gather at the main square of the city, which turns from Lenin Square into Tomato Square. The festival begins its honorary guests putting a number of tomatoes in a jar equal to the number of the years the holiday takes place, and seal it.

Guests of the festival can take part in various competitions, such as the best vegetable-themed carnival costume, where votes choose Miss Tomato and Mister Tomato. Or take the competitions for the most original garden scarecrow or on the best tomato dish. There are athletic competitions, performances of folklore groups, and a theatrical procession is held throughout the city. And of course, during the Syzran Tomato you can try various dishes from tomatoes, buy seeds and souvenirs made by local craftsmen. The holiday ends with the launch of the inflatable Signor Tomato into the sky.

The festival of folk traditions called Zhiguliovskaya Vishnya (cherry) was first held in 2007 as a local holiday. Now it is visited by several thousand people from different cities of Russia. It takes place in the village of Shiryaevo, Samara region. It is dedicated to the so-called Beschev Cherry, which, according to legend, was bred in the 1930s by a local amateur breeder Alexei Beshchev. This variety is unique in that it grows on limestone, and ripens only by autumn.

The holiday usually takes place in August and lasts three days. The programme includes a pie contest with tasting, a fair of craftsmen and folk celebrations, master classes on traditional crafts and folk art competitions, performances of folklore ensembles. There is a Cherry Café available during the festival, where dishes from this berry are served. At the festival, you can also buy a jar of varenye (whole-fruit preserve ) from the Beshchev Cherry, and take part in its cooking.

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The Flower Festival takes place in Samara since 2005, and is hosted in one of the city parks (until 2015 it was the Strukovsky Garden, and since then it moved to the Park Druzhby). Annually, the festival gathers up to ten thousand spectators. Guests of the festival are provided with not only floral sculptures and compositions to gaze upon, but also master classes in floristry, best costume competition, exhibition and sale of plants, as well as a music programme. Within the framework of the festival there is a professional competition for landscape designers and florists.

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Fish festivals are becoming fashionable: following the Moscow fish week the gastronomic festival called Ryba Moya (My Fish) was launched in 2016 in Samara. The location is Komsomolsky district of Tolyatti, Sputnik Youth Centre garden. The festival began with a carnival procession of participants of gastronomic competitions called Fisherman Cuisine and Fish Pie. Professional chefs and amateur cooks were invited to compete in a culinary battle. Of course, there are all kinds of fish dishes, from pies to soup. The youngest visitors of the holiday are entertained at the playground appropriately called Malki (Fries). There are also various entertainment venues for adults - sports, creative and others facilities, as well as the Fish Market fair.

An international historical festival is held in the center of historical model called Ancient World, located in the village of Kamenny Brod in the Krasnoarmeysky district of the Samara region.

Journey to the Past is an opportunity to see the performances of the world and European champions in such exotic sports as knife or axe throwing a; it is also a fair with master classes on metal casting and forging, tanneries and pottery, woodcarving and wickerwork; this is the largest in the Volga region exhibition of melee weapons, armor and military miniatures. Interactive lectures on history and archeology, as well as an excursion to the Stone Age with a visit to the dwellings and a pavilion of funerary rites are also available here. Anyone can take part in various competitions and games.

The International Festival of Street Art entitled Plasticine Rain has taking place in Samara in Strukovsky Park in the last days of summer annaully since 2011. Residents and guests of the city can see various performances, clown shows, live music, circus performers and various artists from Russia and abroad at several venues of the park. There are also handicraft exhibition, a food zone and a children's playground. In 2015, Plasticine Rain received the Grand Prix of the Russian Event Awards in the Best Youth Event nomination.