Meat restaurants

Gleb Nagaev/

Meat restaurant in downtown area, complete with a prefix saying "grill-bar". Spacious, no-frills area with an open kitchen, on which they constantly roast something, from sausages to complete pig’s leg– you are overwhelmed with the pleasant smell. There are many dishes designed for a large diner party, and where there’s a big dinner, there’s fun until the morning, fueled by a sea of ​​alcohol. The bar chart has popular classics, plus two dozen cocktails and beer, including craft brews, of which are several dozen varieties. In the summer there is a nice patio with a good shadow, which makes this place even more attractive, especially for visitors with children. There are several TVs in the restaurant, where important sporting events are occasionally broadcast.

A cozy gastropub, with an interior mimicking a restaurant in foothills of Europe: brick, deliberately rough pieces of wood on the floor and walls, racks with random, yet useful objects, firewood, kerosene lamps, heads of hunted boars on the walls and plainly served food – brown paper and cutting boards are usual adornments when serving dishes here. Meat is what chefs specialize in here, which is easy to guess from the name. Every Sunday they hold children's events here – you need to register for those in advance. There is a special birthday discount - if the holiday falls on a weekend, then it’s 15%, if it’s a workday, then it's 20%.