Sport bars

Gleb Nagaev/

This cafe is worth visiting for steaks, beer, whiskey and football, that’s what they say on the page of the restaurant in social networks. Minimalist painted brick walls, portraits of Kurt Cobain, a sofa with a coverlet resembling the British flag, and cozy twilight. Several times a month concerts are held here. On such days there is a cover charge at the bar.

Although the establishment focuses on entertainment, food is not ignored here - nice cold snacks, a great beer menu, burgers, a full-fledged section with hot dishes. The bar menu offers a wide selection of wines, spirits and cocktails. After  6 p.m. you can order a hookah in the Red Hall.

A popular Irish chain pub, it can be found in many cities of Russia. Harat's is designed like all similar establishments around the world: red and green colours in the interior, posters, posters, beer symbols here and there and a large TV screen. The menu offers popular snacks for beer and whiskey: chicken wings, fried cheese, balyk, sausages. All of it is quite hearty and satisfying. People come here not for food, but for alcohol, manly conversations and football, which iss broadcast here uninterruptedly. Occasionally the bar hosts raffles and promos. For example, the winners may receive alcohol or burgers.