Amusement Parks

Artur Lebedev/TASS

The first Russian theme park was built in Sochi during the preparation for the 2014 Winter Olympics. Its main theme is the Russian folklore, and due to the way the park is set up, the visitors are immersed into the atmosphere of Russian fairy tales and legends. At the park’s entrance there is the gigantic Bogatyr Hotel, which is beautifully lit at night.

The park is divided into six territories, which house various attractions. At the Enchanted Forest, you can fly into sky on the Firebird or zip through the air on the back of Zmei Gorynych (Russian three-headed dragon) roller coaster; see a performance at the puppet theater at the Eco-Village; experience a "quantum leap" at the Land of Science and Fiction at Russia’s fastest and highest hill.

There is also a Dolphinarium, with several shows per day. This park has something for everyone, so it’s best to take the entire family.

A quaint amusement park is squeezed in between two popular boardwalks - Ordzhonikidze Street and Kurortnyi Avenue. Luna-park is made for the youngest visitors who will be interested in jumping on a trampoline, carting or catching a train ride on a small railroad that runs through a bamboo forest.

Overall, there are 14 rides at the Luna-part, including a skating rink and a shooting gallery. The tickets here are cheaper than at the big parks. The bakery and fast food joints add to the fun atmosphere.