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The only in Russia park for extreme entertainment on a high altitude was founded in Sochi in 2014 and became one of the main sights of the city. It was created by a New Zealand traveler and extreme sportsman Alan Hacket, who created similar parks in Australia, Germany, France, Singapour and China. Thousands of tourists come to the park to walk on a walking bridge 439 meters long, which was built over the Akhshtyskoye canyon. From the altitude of 207 meters a great view opens to the valley of Mzyma river and the Caucasus mountains. The most desperate people decide to have the highest budju jump from the bridge – from an altitude of 69 or 207 meters. Those, who are not ready for such jumps, can swing on the highest swings in the world and ride a megatroll with the speed of 150 km/h. In the Sky park there is a rope park, a climbing wall, via ferrata on the cliff area of the canyon, a budju-jump museum and an Amphitheatre.

In Sochi antique sellers have conquered the Donskaya street (bus stop Novaya Zarya). The selling of goods is boiling here from Thursday morning until Sunday morning, at noon the flee market stops operating. A walk along the home collections put on display on the sidewalks may last for about an hour. Pensioners from the houses located nearby usually are the main vendors here. However, you can also find people selling tools or dishwear. You won’t be able to find any antique treasures, but you can feel some nostalgia while looking at furniture, accessories and toys from the Soviet times.

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In the studio of art glass, which is located on the way to the Krasnaya polyana near the trout-breeding factory, you can see an amazing show. Here a magical transformation of sand to fragile materials is happening. The glass blowers demonstrate to the viewers a filigreed work with one of the most fragile materials. Working on the Check glass oven, the art specialists create unique works, which tell the history of the glass production and explain the whole working process. After the show the visitors may buy the things which were created in front of their eyes and choose something from many souvenirs, as well as place an individual order.

Sochi sea shore is famous for its marvelous views. You can appreciate them form such sightseeing platforms, as the tower on Akhun mountain, or on board a yacht or holiday cruiser. Several years ago at the resort another way to see the sights emerged: helicopter cruises. Several companies offer excursions on small tourist helicopters. The routes go over the Olympic park (where you can see all the ice stadiums, the sea, the new living districts, Abkhazia seashore), over Krasnaya polyana displaying magnificent mountain peaks, cliff canyons, turbulent rivers and contemporary mountain resorts. You can order a tour to the objects of the Caucasian biosphere conservation area and the National park – the purest highland lakes, waterfalls and alpine meadows and valleys. You can also access the extreme slopes on snowboards and ski. The price of the cruises depends on the duration – from 15 minutes to several hours.

AJ Hackett Sochi

Ulitsa Krasnoflotskaya, Kazachy Brod Village, Adler District

Tel.: 7 (800) 100 42 07

Website: ajhackett.com

"Ot vinta"

Departures from the Adler District

Tel: +7 (928) 234 12 11

Website: otvinta.ru

Edu v Sochi

Address: Krasnaya Polyana Settlement, Adler District

Tel: 7 (862) 296 03 60, 7 (862) 236 03 05

Website: eduvsochi.com 

In 2014 in Sochi the first in Russia Formula 1 races took place, an autodrom was created especially for the Olympic park and, according to experts, these are one of the best tracks. Now the Royal races take place annually and gather tens of thousands of fans. Those guests, who are in Sochi while there are no races, can also visit the tack, which is located between the Olympic ice stadiums. During the excursion, you can see the main stands and the paddock, where during the competition the racers and the teams’ personnel sit. There you will hear a story about the everyday life of sportsmen and the hard job of the mechanics. The most inaccessible place during the races is the room of the technical control with dozens of monitors. It is open for tourists during the excursions. The visitors are also invited to the pit-lane (the place where the bolides stops during the pit-stop) and the winners podium.

A lot of events take place during the year, including motor racing of various levels and classes. Tourists can also test the track by riding on a unique racing taxi in Porsche T3, Ferrari F430, Mercedes SLK, Renault Clio RSIII, BMW 135, or even sitting behind the wheel under the guidance of an experienced instructor.

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The sea in Sochi has become a source for the most colorful entertainment activities and impressions. Sea cruises represent one of these attractions. Almost in every local beach the tourists can take a banana ride or a ride on some other equipment. You may start a trip to the sea from any quay in each region. Traditionally the sea cruises take place along the sea shore some hundred meters from the shore, where wonderful views to the town open.

The biggest choice of powerboats, yachts, motor ships and catamarans for a ride in the Sochi sea port. You won’t need to be searching for the tickets offices for a long time: right beside the entrance of the port and near all the open quays there are people inviting you to buy a ticket. There you can buy a ticket for a big catamaran or go on a 1-hour sea cruise along the sea shore.

The social and cultural centre Galaktika is part of the mountain and tourist centre “Gazprom”, which is located at the altitude of 540 meters above the sea level. Up to four thousand guests may stay there simultaneously. The cosmic world of Galaktika creates an unusual design of the centre, which takes you at times to open space and at times to some sections of a space ship. All year round there is an aquapark with a unique open heated pool and with a view to the mountain peaks. The fans of winter entertainment may go figure skating on an all-year-round ice arena. The spirit of competition reigns in the bowling centre and the billiard club. There are also three cinema centres in Galaktika, a children’s development club and a night club, a food court and some restaurants. There are parking places for 1200 cars.

One of the places you should definitely visit while in Adler district of Sochi is the trout factory, which is located on the way to Krasnaya polyana. There in the lakes with purest water – it is the one, where only can live the trout fish – there are thousands of fish of different types, including the one fish-farmed in Sochi – the coast rainbow trout Adler and Adlerskaya yantarnaya.

Today this is the only factory in Russia, which provides fish seeds and caviar for fish-farming to other fish farms in the country. Tourists may also come on a tour there. You can come on an excursion to the farm and find out everything about the fish-farming of the “royal fish”. The most captivating experience is feeding of huge fish in open ponds.

The main part of the program is a meal in the tasting hall. In the farm shop you may buy fresh fish, as well as semi-processed food and caviar.

In the Olympic park there are many attractions for tourists. One of them is a game of curling in the curling center "Ice Cube", where you can play alone or in team. The holiday on ice "Your team" is the most popular. In the "Ice Cube" you can also took an excursion to the Olympic arena. Tour starts from the main entrance to the stadium with an excellent view to the Olympic Park. The tour lasts one hour.

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In Sochi you can go on a sea fishing trip and spend some time with a fishing rod near a lake.

The sea along the Sochi shore has a lot of fish, which lives there all year round or migrates depending on the season. The local fishermen fish for mullet and goatfish, horse mackerel and scomber, red-finned mullet and sea rockfish, sea breams and scorpion fish, flitch and garfish. Tourists also try their fishing luck and go to sea on a yacht or a powership with fishing rods. Many companies in different regions of the resort may organize such leisure activities with any duration.

Sea fishing "Fordevind"

Address: Central district, Tchernomorskaya Ulitsa, 15

Tel: 7 (862) 236 61 61

Website: seasail.ru


Recreation centre "Achigvarskoe ozero"

Address: Adler District, Bananovaya Ulitsa, 144

Tel: 7 (918) 918 41 46; 7 (918) 405 96 98

Web: achigvarskoe-ozero.ru

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Not far from the railway station on the bank of the river Sochi there is the modern building of the Central market. It is housed on several floors, while the large pavilions with air-conditioning and escalators resemble a serious shopping mall. One of the markets managed to keep its Caucasus style. On each floor there are specific goods: on one of the floors you may find meat, on some others – dairy products, fruits and vegetables. The same as during older times the vendors invite the customers to try the products, they cannot restrain from emotional descriptions and recommendations while you are choosing.

On the vegetable market, you can buy wonderful sets of Caucasian spices and different types of herbs, as well as Sochi tea, the products of the local farmers, try specific Caucasian desserts – churchkhela and pastille. The fans of homemade drinks will be satisfied with the great number of juices and wines. The prices on the Central market are higher, then on other smaller markets, that is why don’t forget to bargain.