Ski Resorts

Valery Matytsin/ТАSS
The all-season mountain resort Gorky Gorod besides mountain routes also includes a number of hotels, convention centres, SPA centres, a mall and amusements park with water slides, cinema, cafés, restaurants and nightclubs. Three chair and gondola ropeways bring the tourists up to the three transfer levels of Gornaya Karusel, stretched along the side of the Aibga Ridge. Snowshoe hiking and downhill skiing are the two main options available to outdoor adventure lovers in wintertime. There are 25km of downhill skiing/snowboarding tracks, varying in complexity, descending from 2300m to 960m above sea level. The tourists may ski during the day or at night, when the tracks are illuminated. In summer, tourists are offered guided mountain hikes, extreme downhill biking, and the excitement of an extreme rope-course park.

Sergey Bobylev/ТАSS

Sochi’s largest and highest alpine resort is located in the valley of the Mzymta River and at the Aibga Ridge, at an elevation of 2500m above sea level. Due to the European feel of its architecture, Rosa has been compared to Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic, especially on account of its cute riverside promenade with “gingerbread” painted house fronts. The resort hosts international festivals all year round, and stages some theme holidays of its own. All the alpine sports are available here in summer, as well as in wintertime. In winter, there are 77km of skiing routes with varying levels of challenge. In summer, Rosa’s slopes are great for biking and horse riding. Other amusements include dune buggy rides, rope course, rock-climbing wall, or yoga on the mountaintop. The resort also has its own beach at the bottom level.

Aleksander Demyanchuk/ТАSS

This all-season resort operates as a downhill skiing centre in winter, and a health resort in summer. It is also the training base of several Russian national teams. The Gazprom Centre has everything one needs for a comfortable stay and a fun holiday: nice hotels and the Galactica culture centre with a water park, cinema, an ice arena, and bowling alleys. The resort is famous for its Laura biathlon skiing complex, which hosted Olympic events in 2014. Laura is Russia’s only alpine skiing training base at a middle elevation. Tourists are also welcome to ski. There are 13 cableways to take tourists up to the Psekhako Plateau 1600m above sea level, including the 5km 3S gondola route, which is considered one of the longest ropeways in the world. The gondola takes as many as 30 passengers. There are 23km of tracks for downhill skiing and snowboarding, which are illuminated at night. Other amusements include sledding, dog sledding, quadro and go-cart riding. Biking is also available in summer.