Outdoor activities

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Formula Karting

Karting fans are welcome to try this 400-metre, 5 m across "Formula" asphalt karting track set up on a sprawling plaza by the sea, right behind Olympic Park. You can see how you do in real time, thanks to the electronic timing display system. The karting comes with action camera fittings, in case you like to videotape your adventure, and there is an action camera rental onsite.

Address: Esto-Sadok, Roza Khutor, ulitsa Naberezhnaya polyanka, 3, parking place P4, floor 6

Tel.: 7 (938) 888 88 84

Website: http://karting-formula.ru

Price: from 800 rub.

Forza Karting Sochi

Forza Karting is a karting track launched by Olympic Park in partnership with Autodrome Sochi. They offer one-seat and two-seat karts here, as well as kids’ karts. You can give your child a ride yourself, or let an experienced instructor do this for you. The track, which is 500m long and between 6 and 12 m across, has long straight sections, high-speed and slow turns and U-turns. The timing system tracks your ride in real time – you’ll get a printout when you finish, to see how you did. This karting track is praised for its good water drainage system, which means people can kart when it’s raining or after, when the asphalt is wet.

Address: Olympic Park, Adler District

Tel.: 7 (918) 009 70 68

Website: forza-karting.ru/sochi-autodrom

Hours: Mon-Sun 10 a.m. - 10 p.m.

Price: from 800 rub.

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Rafting is the kind of outdoor adventure that thrives in Sochi thanks to the abundance of turbulent mountain rivers. Rafting is so popular you are unlikely to find a local tour agency that does not offer it. Sochi’s largest rivers, the Mzymta and the Shakhe, with their rapids and sandbars, are considered the best for rafting. Rafting tours are available from May through October. One does not need special physical training to go on a rafting trip. Experienced local guides will give you all the requisite gear, including a life-vest, and will instruct you in safety procedures. One of the "classic" routes is on the River Mzymta, incepting in the Akh-tsu Gorge. It is seven kilometres long and takes an hour.

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At White Rocks, one of the most enchanting canyons in Hosta District, step to the edge of an abyss, take another step and… feel like you’ve never felt before as you take a free fall. They use professional rock climbing gear at this bungee jumping station. You can jump off of a 30 or 100 metre altitude, or you can ride a cable trolley that will hover above the gorge at an altitude of 200 metres. After the jump, you may feel up to a walk in the Kolkhida forest. Climb down to the river and follow down the white-rock canyon.

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Cycling is a popular sport in Sochi, and its popularity is only growing. The infrastructure for the different cycling styles is also on the grow. One of the notable facilities are the downhill bicycle tracks at Gornaya Karusel (Alpine Carousel) resort, which begin at an elevation of 1,000 metres above sea level. The tracks are suitable for skilled cyclers and beginners.

There are over 7 km of downhill bicycle tracks with a max altitude drop of 340 metres. They are different challenge level, with elaborate counter-slopes, sharp turns and power-ride sections. Professional bikes and protective gear are available for rent onsite. The cableway has bicycle hooks in the cabins. There is a bicycle repair shop and free bicycle wash onsite to bring your “steel horse” back into shape after your downhill adventure.

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It is a special kind of fun to explore the mountain ranges, gorges, lakes and waterfalls or ride at the edge of the sea on horseback. Equestrian outings are available for all from specialist firms or local people in every town or mountain village. You can explore the Caucasus riding a Karachai, Kabarda, Don or Black Sea pedigree or mixed breed horse. The horses for tourist rides are all hand-picked: they are calm and good natured, suitable for a skilled rider and first-timer alike. It also helps that the horses are perfectly familiar with the terrain. Rides may last anything from one hour to a few days. One of the longest routes, lasting many days, is the one leading to the Fisht Mounts. 

Equestrian Tourism

Address: Zolotaya Ulitsa, Baranovka Village, Lazarevsky District

Tel.: 7 (918) 302 43 59, 7 (928) 330 14 09

Website: konivsochi.ru

Loshadi v Sochi (Horses in Sochi)

Tel.: 7 (918) 902 32 03

Website: vk.com/loshadivsochi

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Sochi is busy consolidating its claim to fame as a multisport city, suitable for winter, summer and all-season sports at any time of year. It was only a few years ago that the Sochi coast discovered surfboarding, windsurfing and similar activities. The clubs and training facilities for these sports have recently been on the rise in Sochi. One of them, Hosta-Rica, operates in the Hosta neighbourhood. The weathered instructors at Hosta-Rica teach adults and kids to surfboard. They promise to “put you on that board” no matter how physically fit (or unfit) you are. Hosta-Rica offers paddleboards, surfboards, sail catamarans and kayaks for rent or for training.

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Established in 2015, Sochi’s sailing academy is based at Sochi Grand Marina yacht club. The academy’s fleet, consisting of ELAN 210 cruiser/racer keel-yachts, is based at the marina, which has the capacity to accommodate upwards of 230 yachts. The Elans are easy to maintain and highly manoeuvrable. They take up to five people aboard. You see many of these yachts sailing off the coast of Sochi. They teach sailboat steering at the Sailing Academy, issuing international-standard certificates that entitle the holder to sail independently. They also offer personal lessons and master-classes with top Russian yachtsmen. Experienced sailors may rent a sailboat and/or sign up to compete in a race.

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Sochi’s mountainous terrain and luxuriant nature are conducive to travel and outdoor adventure all year round. The mountain peaks, thick primal forests, turbulent rivers, waterfalls, caves and canyons draw thousands of tourists every year. There are dozens of trails and itineraries of varying length and challenge level in the Sochi National Park and Caucasus National Biospheric Sanctuary. Some of them require a special security clearance. Tourists go hiking in the mountains on their own or with a knowledgeable guide. Hiking routes are designed by private guides or tour companies. They will also provide the indispensable equipment and gear on loan and take care of the tourists’ meals on the route. 

Masterskaya Prikliucheniy

Tel.: 7 (928) 292 05 96

Website: extreme-sochi.ru

Aktivny Otdykh

Tel.: 7 (918) 300 01 23

Website: sochi-mountain.ru

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In different parts of Sochi, there are several rock faces equipped for climbing. When rescue workers, soldiers, athletes or sports tourists are not using these facilities, local climbers come here to train or climb for fun. Eagle Rocks in the Agur Gorge are one of the popular rock climbing spots, and home of Russia’s first via ferrata (a rock route with safety cables) – an adventure tour with an altitude drop of about 300 metres, two vertical climbs, a small cave in the rock, and two observation grounds. There are more via ferratas at Krasnaya Polyana and Sky Park. There are several firms in Sochi offering rock-climbing adventure tourism services. One, Masterskaya Prikliucheniy (Adventure Studio) operates 20 rock-climbing routes in Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana, catering to climbers according to their physical fitness and level of expertise.

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Laguna scuba diving centre

Scuba diving is a popular activity on the Black Sea coast. There are diving centres in every Sochi district with access to the waterfront. With ten local operations in Sochi and Tuapse, Laguna is very easily the biggest scuba diving centre and school on the coast. Laguna is partners with rescue workers, researchers, submarine archaeological expeditions and Russia’s first underwater museum. Laguna has recently been made the training base of the Russian national free diving team. Laguna operates a school that trains professional and amateur divers, and offers scuba diving excursions to the bottom of the Black Sea.

Address: Nesebrskaya Ulitsa, 5, building 9, Central District

Tel.: 7 (862) 236 66 66, 7 (989) 750 50 97

Website: missdivingworld.com

Aquazone scuba diving centre

Aquazone is another major diving centre, located at Lazarevskoe. Aquazone provides training according to international know-how. It also offers scuba diving trips, sea fishing and underwater hunting.

Sotsialisticheskaya Ulitsa, 1, Lazarevskoe Settlement, Lazarevsky District

Tel.: 7 (918) 001 99 25, 7 (918) 302 01 95

Website: aquazone.ru

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Extreme Entertainment park It is located on the road from Sochi to the resorts of Krasnaya Polyana. The territory of the park is located in a forest, where rare species of trees and plants grow. 

The main object of the park is the longest suspended pedestrian bridge in the world. It is located at an altitude of 207 m above sea level and its length is 439 m. 
The Park offers to the fans of extreme sports jumps with safety wire 207 and 69 m long, flights over the abyss SochiSwing (170 m) and MegaTroll, (700 m) in the park. 

Sky-Park is worth a visit: to walk along the bridge, to look at the brave ones who decided to jump. And it is obligatory to make selfies on viewing platforms with beautiful views of the Caucasian ridge and the Black Sea coast.

Those who wish can go rafting along the mountain river, visit the rope adventure park “Mowgli” or viewing platforms with beautiful views of the Caucasian ridge and the Black Sea coast. In the park there is also an interactive museum of world bungee jumping, a climbing wall with an area of 1200 m2 and a restaurant on the edge of the canyon.

Capacity: 45,000

Stadium plan

Before you head out to the stadium, please make sure you are not bringing any restricted items or substances.

Fisht Stadium on VIBER:

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Lost & Found service at the stadium

Left Luggage facility #1

Contact phone: +7 (989) 085 80 80

Hours: 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. (local time, stays open 1 day after the last match at the stadium)

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How to get to the stadium by public transport

2018 World Cup fixtures

Fisht Stadium will be hosting the following 2018 World Cup matches: Portugal vs. Spain (June 15), Belgium vs. Panama (June 18), Germany vs. Sweden (June 23), Australia vs. Peru (June 26), a 1/8 final on June 30, and a quarter final on July 7.

Stadium Services at the Stadium

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Sochi’s Fisht Stadium, built for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games, hosted the opening and closing ceremonies of the Games. The stadium is named after a peak in the western part of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range. “Fisht” means “white head” in the Adyghe language. 

The stadium is designed to give the spectators a mountain view on one side, and a sea view on the other. Fisht seats 45,000 people. 

Fisht Stadium was one of the four 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup arenas, hosting three group matches and a semi-final.