Bars and pubs

Ekaterina Khachanova/

Bamberg is a German cuisine establishment. More often these places look like rural pubs, but this is intended for the city folk: everything is very strict and tidy. Brick walls and vaults, neat wooden furniture, portraits of the great Germans on the wall. All the menu is subject to beer, which reins here supreme - numerous traditional snacks, burgers, a variety of sausages, ribs, cabbage, shrimp and so on. Prices are above average, but guests do not mind. It's always crowded, tables must be booked in advance.

In the days of the Oktoberfest there is even more beer and food, visitors are drinking and hanging out here generally since morning.

Gleb Nagaev/

A chain Irish pub, whose visitors are generally noisy, chattering, drinking whiskey and listening to Volgograd musicians: Harat's pub often hosts parties. A standard set of alcohol (a large selection of whiskey and beer, including craft), accompanied by sausages, ham, fish and chips, cold cuts, shish kebabs and burgers. The prices are average. There are several TVs hanging from the ceiling, so often attention shifts from music to football – people come here specifically to experience it in crowds.

In this establishment called Mama Norka I Papa Bober (Mom’s a mink and dad’s a beaver) haute cuisine, Europe-style spacious floor plan with a minimum of decor, concerts played by little-known musicians and the name, which baffles many - the creators of the restaurant clearly did not seek to please everyone. The food here is simple, but tasty.

A dozen of popular salads (among them Caesar, Niçoise, Greek), original soups and main dishes: lamb hashlama, pho with red fish, chicken soup with smoked sausages and bulgur, steaks, duck fillets, cabbage rolls with rabbit and bulgur, as well as a large selection of pasta and barbecue. In the evenings, when concerts are held, the public is more focused on alcohol.

The bar offers two dozen cocktails, many home-made alcohol infusions, a large selection of whiskey, beer and wine.

Traditional beer restaurant, operating at the Park Inn hotel. The German pub has varieties of the country’s most famous drink, and the corresponding snacks - fat, but beloved by all, with pork knuckle headlining the menu. The interior is appropriate, as in all other restaurants of Bavarian cuisine - brick, copper, checkered tablecloths, pans with stewed cabbage. An indispensable attribute is also present in the form of lush-breasted waitresses in rural national dresses. The restaurant is located near the train station.