Meat restaurants

Ekaterina Khachanova/

A basement location with diverse interiors. In the main hall there is rough brickwork, tiled floors and a wooden ceiling, and in the banquet hall, where birthdays are often celebrated, is an old-timey merchant’s room with a retro lampshade.

The menu begins with breakfast, the choice is quite vast. The cheapest option is semolina porridge with jam, followed by snacks (cold, hot, best served with beer’, a separate section contains pancakes with fillings). The rest of the menu is meat, and lots of it: steaks, grilled dishes, cutlets, stew, pork knuckles, fried chicken liver and so on. In the summer there is a patio with a good deep shade.

Evgeny Morozov/

A serious establishment in which meat is treated with great interest and respect. Chef Alexander Akimov is famous for the fact that at the age of 15 he fed his friends with the meat of a wild boar stewed in beer. The early culinary experience was not in vain - the menu has a lot of meat dishes, one can hardly decide what to order: lamb seasoned with spices, fillet mignon, beef fillet with herbes de Provence, steak from beef liver, lamb loin. These amazing dishes are offered with a pleasant ambiance where there are lots of people, often musicians perform and, in general, everything is quite lively. In the summer there is a patio, and then the joy of the guests of the restaurant outpours to the whole area around. Tables must be booked in advance.

Evgeny Morozov/

Thus bar is for fans of meat, beer, football and live music. There are often music parties arranged here, and visitors manage to listen to music, and watch the broadcasts simultaneously. This fuels the festive spirit, and in this sense Poneslos (translated roughly as “here we go”) is a great place for those who are looking to have some fun. On weekdays, the establishment provides a lunch deal, and the menu changes several times a week.

A variety of meat is cooked on fire, served on boards; portions are large, and the prices are acceptable. As far as additional entertainment is concerned, there’s foosball, and patrons often play dice. On holidays, noisy parties are held in the bar, and holidays often happen – any reason will do, like Students Day or Hugs Day.