National cuisine restaurants

Ekaterina Khachanova/

This is a chain trattoria, where they do not try to grasp the boundless and do not try to please everyone. Universal hits like borscht and Olivier salad are not offered here.

The menu is exclusively Italian classics: risotto, more than 10 kinds of pasta and a dozen kinds of pizza. The establishments are child-friendly, each trattoria has a separate children's room. On the weekends there are also gastronomic workshops.

In summer there is a terrace, which you do not want to leave at all. It is good to escape from the heat: near the Volga, there’s always a fresh wind breezing over you.

 Chain location

Evgeny Morozov/

This Italian restaurant is modest in design, but has a varied menu, with staples of national cuisine, as well as not the most popular dishes among Russians.

About ten kinds of salads, a lot of cold and hot snacks like cheese plates, asparagus and bruschetta, six Italian soups, almost two dozen kinds of pasta and pizza, risotto, polenta, a variety of meat and fish dishes.

The chef is Italian Mirko Chebrone, who started his culinary career at the age of 19 as a pizza maker. Basilico interiors were also designed by an Italian - Giacomo Kanepa, he brought from Italy’s Orvieto some authentic pieces of décor. In the bar menu there is a lot of wine, understandably, including homemade wine, Italian aperitifs and several types of grappa.

Ekaterina Khachanova/

A restaurant of Eastern cuisine with an appropriate interior: colored embroidered pillows, glass lamps of all colors, colorful fabrics separating private areas - everything is shining, sparkling, and the smell of spices fills the air. There is a main hall - it is crowded and bright. There’s a separate chill out area, where there is peace and twilight.

Despite the name and oriental flavor, the menu has more than just Eastern staples here. Russian herring with potatoes is adjacent to Caucasian rolls of eggplants and assorted "Ukrainian guest" plate - several types of salo. The most notable dishes are Azerbaijani saji for several people, for example, with lamb and vegetables.

Evgeny Morozov/

A luxurious restaurant for special occasions, the menu contains dishes of Italian and French cuisines. Here you’ll find ornate walls, sculptures of cupids, sparkling lounge, vases with fruits and crystal.

Food is given names, there are salads from venison and bear meat called Courchevel and Red Square, carpaccio entitled Corfu, medallions from blue shark called Cape Town, and ostrich steak named Ethiopia.

In addition to luxurious food and royal interiors, there are plenty of other forms entertainment: hookahs, board games and karaoke. In the evenings and on weekends, tables are better booked in advance.

Ekaterina Khachanova/

Khinkalnaya (diner where they serve khinkali dumplings) with a rather simple disposition, modest interior, hearty menu and affordable prices. In addition to khinkali, the menu contains tried and true hits of Georgian cuisine: kebabs, satsivi, lobio, khachapuri, jonjoli, kuchmachi, pkhali. To wash all this down there’s plenty of Georgian wine.

The furnishings are simple: heavy wooden furniture, wooden and ceramic tableware, bundles of pepper, onions and garlic hanging under the ceiling, reproductions of Pirosmani paintings and pitchers on the walls. This place is popular with Volgograd Georgians, which is an absolute sign of quality.

This city café calls itself a "gourmet bistro". Inside, it seems that you are in a prosperous old-fashioned house with woven wallpaper, cozy chairs, photos of respected ancestors on the walls and bookshelves. The cafe is designed for a family audience, hence the homely interior. Adults here quickly relax after a tough day at the office, the children instantly adapt and go for the most comfortable table to draw.

The menu includes a lot of homemade food and European cuisine: they will happily serve pasta, pizza and risotto (these are are in a separate menu section). Desserts are especially good here: staff puts a lot of work into them to make them delicious and light. There is a separate kids menu.