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To get to a 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ match, in addition to the ticket you will need a FAN ID. This personalized card is issued to a specific viewer and is mandatory for all match visitors, including Russian residents and children. FAN ID requires one-time registration and allows access to all the matches of the Championship, for which the spectator has a ticket.

We suggest you visit the official website for more information on FAN ID.

It is possible to avoid the long queue at the entrance and not be late for the start of the game, if you come to the stadium a little beforehand. In addition, before the match, sponsors always offer the fans a variety of activities, and this is an excellent chance to immerse yourself into the festive spirit of the tournament.

A proper competent choice of items that you plan to take with you to the stadium will ensure a hassle-free experience. It is strongly advised not to come with large bags, refrain from carrying food and liquids. Most likely, they will have to be submitted to the storage room, which will lead to loss of time after the end of the match.

The full list of prohibited items and substances is available here.

Application forms for carrying in banners and organization of performances

Application form for carrying in banners
Application form for organisation of a performance