In case of emergency

What to do in difficult situations


Russia is no more dangerous than other countries. The few districts that outsiders would do well to avoid are located in the remote city outskirts, and they are more difficult to find than similar areas in Paris or New York. There are pickpockets, especially in popular tourist spots. To avoid them, use the same rules as everywhere — keep your wallet close to your heart and don’t carry too much cash with you.

The Russian police has a right to stop pedestrians to check their documents, so carry your passport or its copy with a visa and registration stamp with you at all times.

Be careful when crossing the streets or getting into taxis. The best way to get a taxi is to use an online service or a mobile app. There are almost no private cab drivers left in Russia.

Also remember that the sale of alcohol in stores is forbidden from 11pm to 8am, and don’t buy it from people on the streets.

How to request medical assistance

Emergency telephone numbers

  • 112, 101 - telephone numbers of all emergency services
  • 101 - Firefighters
  • 102 - Police
  • 103 - Emergency medical care
  • 100 - Exact time