Staying out of trouble

Useful tips

When staying in a hotel or hostel in Russia, it is advisable to follow a few simple security guidelines.

When leaving your hotel room, make sure you lock the windows, the balcony door, and the room door.  

Leave your cash and valuables in the safe-box, if there is one in your room. If there isn’t, request safe-keeping service at reception.  

Do not open your door to strangers, and do not accept any service offerings outside the hotel’s official list of services available to guests. There is a land-line phone in every room. Use it to call reception and get the hotel’s list of services straight.  

All public and staff areas in the hotel are equipped with surveillance cameras. The hotel’s security service downloads camera footage and keeps it on file for 24 hours.  

In the event of any unpleasant situation, contact a representative of the hotel’s security service, who will call the police if necessary.

If you need a cab, it’s advisable to order one from an official agency via a mobile application, or by phone. The staff at reception typically have several taxi service phone numbers listed.

If you’re going out for a walk, make sure you bring your hotel’s address and your destination address in Russian. If you get lost, this will help you ask local people for directions.