Rules of entry and customs control

At the customs control

Course of action

Every foreign national arriving at a Russian frontier checkpoint for entry into Russia is required to complete a “migration card” form with their passport information. The frontier guard will keep one part of the form, while the other part will remain with the traveller for the duration of their stay in Russia. You are supposed to hand in your part of the migration card when leaving Russia. Always bring your migration card with your passport while you are in Russia. If you lose your migration card, you are supposed to notify the local office of the Federal Migration Service (FMS) within three days. FMS will check your papers and replace your card. If your migration card was lost, but you only find this out at the airport on your way out of Russia, ask a frontier guard for another form, complete it and return it.

The rules of customs control are basically the same in Russia as everywhere in the world.

  • Cash is allowed, if the amount is below US $10,000 or equivalent. You can bring in without declaring up to 200 cigarettes and 3 litres of alcohol.

  • No weapons, narcotics or explosives are allowed into the country, unless covered by a special permit.

  • No items of cultural value may be taken out of the country.

  • You may be asked to show an authorization or permit if you carry professional equipment.

  • Pharmaceuticals for personal use are allowed. Strong medical formulas, such as those containing anabolic steroids, clonidine, and/or some anaesthetics, are allowed if you can show a prescription.

Information was last updated April 1, 2017