Feel at home while visiting

Feel at home while visiting
A special project of welcome2018.com
On March 27, the Saint-Petersburg Stadium hosted a friendly match of the Russia and France national teams. Nicolas Locatelli and his girlfriend Clara Green flew from Paris to support their national team. A special project of welcome2018.com will tell you about their impressions of Russia and the city on the Neva River.
Nicolas Locatelli
He is 20 years old, studying in Paris and a member of Irrésistibles Français, one of the largest France national team fan unions. A hereditary footballer.
Clara Green
She is 19 years old, studying art and culture in Paris. She dreamt of visiting the Mariinsky Theatre.
During their short visit to the Russia – France match, Nicolas and Clara made many discoveries.

'I thought that the people in Russia were cold, the food was cold, well, everything was cold,' that was what Clara expected when arranging her trip to Saint Petersburg. But despite that, she was eager to visit the Mariinsky Theatre and see the place where ballet stars are born.
Nicolas did not mind the theatre either, but he could not miss the important game: the French fans were meeting their Russian counterparts on the football pitch.
'I adore the theatre, I used to act in school and street performances, did improvisations with friends. And yet, I am inclined to play football. It has been with me since I was born'.
As for the game itself, Nicolas commented: 'Your fans showed great unity and team spirit, they were very amiable, played by the rules and with a smile. I really enjoyed the match, even though we lost the pot'.
Nicolas adores football. When he came to the Russia – France friendly match, he was able to take part in the game between the two countries' fans.
Apart from the Mariinsky Theatre and the football match, the French guests visited the State Hermitage Museum and the Church of the Savior on Blood and found them magnificent. Deliberating on the Paris - Saint Petersburg connections, Clara noted that there is French influence in the city on the Neva River, which is especially obvious in the architecture of the buildings that by now have been remade into luxury hotels.
'One has to really enjoy walking so as not to get tired by travelling around Saint Petersburg', says Nicolas.
Long distances, in his opinion, make one plan one's routes more carefully: 'When you are in a hurry to get back or to be in time for a guided tour, one has to start early, because the place may be located too far away.'
After visiting the city sights, Nicolas and Clara familiarised themselves with the Russian cuisine.
Nicolas and Clara found an antidote for the Russian weather. Good skiing socks proved enough for that: 'It was cold on the matchday, even freezing at the entrance to the arena. But it was warm at the stadium. Which somewhat surprised us.' The Saint Petersburg Stadium impressed the French visitors. 'We entered the place with excitement and were dazzled by the architecture, it was beautiful, contradictory, one can even say grand!'
Having lived in Paris since he was born and consequently being a gourmet, Nicolas discovered the Russian cuisine: 'It's a bit fatty, but very delicious!' He even thought about learning Russian: 'I think it takes several years to be able to speak fluently. My buddy, who lives in Saint Petersburg and with whom I played for the same team today, warned me that your language is hard to learn.'
Saint Petersburg is a modern, well-developed city, it is rich, wonderful, colourful, believes Clara, and this is the reason for visiting it.
The Saint Petersburg Stadium made an unforgettable impression on Nicolas and Clara. The French visitors enjoyed both the architecture and the comfortable conditions of the arena.
The Saint Petersburg Stadium made an unforgettable impression on Nicolas and Clara. The French visitors enjoyed both the architecture and the comfortable conditions of the arena.
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