FIFA Fan Fest in Kaliningrad

How to get there
Driving Directions & Parking*

In order to ensure public safety, on the days of the FIFA Fan Fest (June 16, June 22, June 25, June 28), certain streets will be closed.

Complete closure: Ulitsa Shevchenko and Zaraiskaya, Solnechnyy Bulvar.

Partial closure: Leninskiy Prospekt, Ulitsa Oktyabrskaya, Proletarskaya, Sergeeva, Zhitomirskaya.

Public parking

There are 2 parking lots in the city. They are ready to accommodate more than 5,500 cars and buses. Parking will be serviced by free shuttles.

Parking lot addresses:

Ulitsa Suzdalskaya (Devau Airport district of the East overpass);
Sovetskiy Prospekt, 2 (Northern Railway Station).

Bicycle parking

They are located at the Hotel Kaliningra and exits from the FIFA Fan Fest to Ulitsa Shevchenko.
Public Transportation*
Bus routes

Hotel Kaliningrad stop – routes No. 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 18, 19, 23, 25, 27, 29, 30, 36, 37, 44, 49, 103, 105 , 112, 116. 127, 145, 146, 146K, 159.

Yunost Sports Complex stop – routes No. 40, 49.

Minibus routes

Hotel Kaliningrad stop – routes No. 63, 64, 71, 72, 150, 155.

Yunost Sports Complex stop – routes No. 72, 75, 87.

Tram routes

Universam Moskovsky stop – route No. 2.

Trolleybus routes

Hotel Kaliningrad stop – routes No. 1, 2, 7.

During the 2018 FIFA 2018 World Cup Russia™ matches, the bus routes No. 24, 28, 40, 49, 72, 75, 87 will change. The main is that there will be traffic along Moskovskiy Prospekt.

Tram route No. 5 will be temporarily suspended.


S1 (Khrabrovo Airport - Kaliningrad Arena).

S2 (Northern Railway Station - Kaliningrad Arena).

S3 (Southern Station - Kaliningrad Arena).

S4 (intercepting parking on Ulitsa Suzdalskaya - Kaliningrad Arena).

S5 (intercepting parking at the Northern Station - Kaliningrad Arena).

The estimated interval between the shuttles is 5 minutes, during match days they will operate from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. Intercity travel is 20 rubles, fare to the airport is 80 rubles. Passengers with match tickets and FAN ID travel for free.


Taxi stop at the adjacent area to the site of the FIFA Fan Fest is at Ulitsa Zhytomirskaya.
There are accessible viewing areas located at the FIFA Fan Fest. Volunteers will help to enter the area.

Special buses used to access the FIFA Fan Fest are suitable for people with reduced mobility.
Service Information*
Lost and found

If you lost something at the venue, visit the Lost & Found at the FIFA Fan Fest located. Lost items will be stored for one day. More information on location and working hours may is available at the Fan Fest information desk.


Be prepared and keep your stuff protected. Lockers are made available free of charge. Hours of operation correspond with the opening hours of the FIFA Fan Fest.


FIFA Fan fest is the location of The Official FIFA Store as well as local arts and crafts shop, located at entrances G7 and G5 respectively.

Identification bracelets for children

Do you want to be on the safe side? Register your child and he will be given a special bracelet that confirms his identity. You will also have the opportunity to provide the phone number of one of the parents. This service is free. The registration desks work on the same schedule as the FIFA Fan Fest.

* Information is subject to change