12 million people visit VDNH over summer

After a 30-year break, the Golden Ear of Wheat was restored and launched.

20 September 2018
12 million people visited the Moscow VDNH park over the three summer months of 2018. This was reported by the media service of VDNKH.
"Throughtout the summer cultural and educational events were held at the territory. In just three months, VDNKh was visited by 12 million people," the report said.

The media service noted that in the summer the main VDNH-Central Alley pedestrian zone was completely restored, the renovated arch of the main entrance was opened, 14 fountains were restored.

"After a 30-year break, the Golden Ear of Wheat, the most spectacular fountain of the Exhibition of National Economic Achievements, was restored and launched. 66 streams of water, 30 of them reaching 25 metres in height. Unique rosaries, the Northern and Southern ones, were also restored, in total about 2 million flowers and 18 thousand shrubs were planted," the media service added.

"После 30-летнего перерыва отреставрирован и запущен "Золотой колос" – самый зрелищный фонтан ВДНХ. Это 66 струй воды, причем 30 из них достигают 25 метров в высоту. Также восстановили уникальные розарии – Северный и Южный, в общей сложности высадили около 2 миллионов цветов и 18 тысяч кустарников", – уточнили в пресс-службе.


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