2018 World Cup stadium construction workers in Samara praised

The construction workers received certificates of acknowledgement from the governor.
12 January 2017

The government of Samara region and the Host City Ambassador for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia ™accordion player Sergey Voytenko wished a happy New Year to Samara Arena construction workers and awarded leading experts with certificates of acknowledgement from the governor.

"We all have a common dream, a dream which will come true – to open our stadium. With consolidated efforts we will certainly do everything on time. We are waiting for a big sports event which brings peace, prosperity, development and friendship," said Samara Region’s Construction Minister Aleksandr Balandin.

"I’ve been wanting to visit the stadium, which is being built," Voytenko said. "And, of course, I am impressed. It’s wonderful that the construction works are going at such a lively pace. I think, we will be ready for the championship. Our stadium will be very beautiful and I am proud that an arena of this quality will be standing in my native city. I loved football since I was a child – I was even called Maradona in my neighbourhood, because I scored beautiful goals."

Sergei Voytenko participated in the concert held as part of the event. Dancing and singing groups shared the makeshift stage organised in the inner courtyard of the construction site with the accordion player.

In 2017 the Samara Arena construction works should be completed. The stadium will host six World Cup matches. Today, the arena is ready by 50%, concrete works are underway along with the installation of steel constructions of the dome and construction of engineering networks. About 1,000 people and 137 units of equipment are involved in the process.


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