5,000 volunteers to be selected for 2018 World Cup in St. Petersburg

01 June 2016
Sergey Konkov/TASS
The 2018 FIFA World Cup volunteer center in St. Petersburg

5,000 volunteers will be selected in St. Petersburg for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The launch ceremony was held in front of the volunteer center building.

According to Head of the volunteer center Marina Linovich, more than 5,000 people will be involved in the volunteer program in St. Petersburg. “About 3,000 volunteers are needed to work directly at the sports facilities, and about 2,000 volunteers will work at the facilities in the city - meet and help the guests," Linovich said.

“There are no priority groups – everybody goes through the procedure on equal bases. Even disability is not something that can prevent a person from becoming one of the volunteers. Absolutely everyone can find something to do based on their abilities,” she said.

The Volunteer Centre was opened in 2011. The total number of volunteers in the regional base of the Center is about 5,000 people of various ages: 64% of the volunteers are students, 25% - working people over 21 years, 11% - people over 55 years (“silver volunteers”).


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