A 2018 World Cup volunteer centre helps organize the Sochi International Marathon

Some 53 volunteers aided visitors and participants of the marathon.
09 November 2016
Volunteer Training Center "FORWARD" Sochi State University
Activists from a 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ volunteer centre, which was created by the Sochi State University, took part in organizing the Sochi International Marathon. The marathon snaked through the city’s main streets for the first time.

According to the centre, 53 volunteers from the University’s Economic and Technological College participated in the organization of the marathon. They took on two primary roles; catering and regulating and directing athletes during the race. The young people met with the runners and took pictures with them, making a lot of new acquaintances from all over Russia and – what’s most important – gaining vast experience in organizing and conducting a large-scale sporting event.

The students worked very hard to support every athlete. At the end of the event, the volunteers were invited to the medal ceremony where not only athletes were awarded but the volunteers as well. They received letters of thanks and mugs with the event’s logo, but the most valuable gift of all was the athletes’ gratitude.


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