A 12-meter screen to be built in Zaryadye Park for the "Flying over Russia" amusement ride

The virtual ride will include at least 30 different places from all over Russia.
08 September 2016
TASS/State Unitary Enterprise "Research and Project Institue of Moscow City Master Plan"
A layout of Zaryadye Park’s architectural concept.
Guests of the Zaryadye Park, which will open in 2018 in Moscow, will be able to fly over the country’s capital as well as beautiful landscapes of the Far North and Siberia. They will experience various special effects, witness lightning and feel the splashes from geysers in the Russian Far East. Details on the "Flying over Russia" project can be found on the city administration’s website.

"The audience will hang from a special device in front of a 12-meter screen and experience all sorts of special effects – from lightning and wind to geyser effects and the eruption of a volcano, " writes the administration.

Special aerial photography was used to create a virtual tour of nature reserves, mountain tops and coastlines. Visitors will see real places instead of CGI, according to the website.

This virtual tour will include at least 30 locations from across Russia – the Far East, Siberia, the Urals, the Far North, the Caucasus, the Baltic region and Central Russia including Moscow. 39 seats will be placed on a dynamic platform that will create the effect of flight. Visuals will be projected on a spherical screen and accompanied by a set of climatic and sound effects. One ride will last 7 minutes.

One of the first films made for such an attraction ride was created for Disneyland in California. Today, such rides exist in theme parks all over the United States as well as in Canada, Abu Dhabi and in the largest cities of China.

Zaryadye Park will connect many walking and tourist routes in Moscow; from Varvarka street and Bolshoy Moskvoretskiy bridge to Vorobyovy Gory (Sparrow Hills). In addition to unusual plants, visitors of the park will be able to see interesting architectural works; an ice cave where everything will be covered in snow even if its summer outside, a so-called lace bridge which will connect the Moscow river embankments, and a glass dome greenhouse which will be built on a hill overlooking a garden on the roof of the Philharmonic Hall.

Zaryadye Park will offer free admission to everyone. The only places which will require tickets are concert and exhibition areas.


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