A 2018 World Cup installation erected in central Volgograd

The installation stands on the top terrace of 62nd Army Embankment
20 September 2016
Committee for the Preparation and Staging of the Matches of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ in Volgograd Oblast
The two-meter letters forming the words RUSSIA 2018 have been completed on the top terrace of 62nd Army Embankment in Volgograd. This is the first part of a permanent outdoor composition celebrating the coming of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ to Volgograd. In the run-up towards the world’s No. 1 football highlight similar installations will be erected in all the host cities of the tournament. The location of choice in Volgograd is the top terrace of 62nd Army Embankment, the prospective site of the 2018 FIFA Fan Fest.

To ensure better stability and mobility of the structure at the same time, the letters RUSSIA 2018 were placed on a prefabricated podium. The position of the letters was chosen so as to make sure that the Volga gets in the picture when people take photos with the letters in the background.

Moscow, Kaliningrad, Kazan and Nizhny Novgorod have already completed their RUSSIA 2018 installations, and city visitors seem to like them a lot.

Volgograd’s permanent the 2018 World Cup installation is a project of Volgograd City Hall, carried out with assistance from the regional 2018 World Cup organizing committee. The second part of the composition – a sprawling information screen in Volgograd’s signature style at Fallen Fighters Square – is slated to open by the end of September.


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