Additional CCTV cameras to be installed in Moscow parks

The total number of surveillance cameras will exceed 1,800.
07 November 2016
More than 300 additional surveillance cameras will be installed in Moscow parks, according to the head of Mosgorpark (Moscow city parks), Vyacheslav Dunaev.

The new cameras will be installed in addition to over 1,500 already existing CCTV cameras.

In addition to creating a video surveillance system as part of a new comprehensive talk design project, it is also planned to tighten the control over tenants and to develop parking spaces near the parks. In particular, authorities are considering the possibility to create additional parking spaces and developing a register of dishonest tenants based on complaints made by visitors.

According to the head of Mosgorpark, the register will include companies, which violate norms set by the law, in relation to both the customers and the park.

"Dishonest companies will not be able to renew their lease of our premises and to take part in competitions," Dunev said.


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