LOC Russia 2018 notes success of FAN ID and free travel systems

LOC CEO Aleksey Sorokin recalled that important matches are ahead
26 June 2017
LOC Russia 2018 highly appreciated the implementation of the FIFA Confederations Cup Russia 2017 fans free travel program. This was announced by the LOC CEO Aleksey Sorokin.

"The services we have prepared for the fans and FIFA client groups are successfully undergoing testing," said Sorokin, "Using FAN ID, which was issued a total of 400,000, foreigners can enter without visas. We are very pleased with the way the free travel program is implemented. About 40 thousand people have used free long distance trains. The feedback is positive, and we are flattered and pleased with that, but important matches are ahead, let's not be plunged into complacency," Sorokin said.

The Confederations Cup matches take place Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kazan and Sochi. The tournament started on June 17 and will end on July 2.


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