All general construction completed at 2018 World Cup arena Luzhniki

The heated all natural turf is already there, and it’s world class!
28 October 2016
All general construction work has been finished on Luzhniki, the main stadium of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™, Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin has announced.

The city’s top official visited Luzhniki on Friday to personally inspect the work progress.

"Something big has just happened here: the main football field has got green grass,” Sobyanin was quoted as saying by the press office of City Hall’s metropolitan development policy and construction section. “I know it’s only an outward manifestation of the enormous work that has been carried out here. It took 35 km of underground grids and lots of sophisticated engineering to create this fine pitch. There are no pitches like this anywhere in Russia so far. Europe probably has a couple of them, but not more."

Kilometres of drainage, heating and watering grids were engineered underneath the grass-covered layered cake that is the Luzhniki football pitch. The grass was sown in early August – to give the first shoots seven days later and thrive into a veritable green carpet in autumn. Then they strengthened the pitch by means of SIS Grass technology, using synthetic threads. The result is a hybrid of natural grass and synthetic reinforcement. The pitch can take up to eight hours of nonstop football.

The stadium’s roof has been entirely replaced with a new shock-proof roofing material, which lets the sun through to the natural grass of the pitch.

Heating is now on at the Luzhniki Stadium. Interior finishing is in progress. The two multimedia screens are going up soon. The 81,000 chairs to be installed in the stadium’s stalls were all made in Russia.

The rest of the main remodelling work on the arena is to be completed by year-end, according to Mayor Sobyanin. Equipment debugging will begin in 2017.


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