An exotic garden to be built in Moscow

The orangery in Sokolniki will be open all year round
29 November 2016
A glass round the clock greenhouse housing rare and exotic tropical and subtropical plants will open in Sokolniki park in 2017, according the press service of the Moscow mayor. Photoshoots will be allowed on the premises.

The orangery will be built in retro style – the building, which will look like a fairytale palace, will have lace walls and roof and the façade will be decorated with columns. The gallery will be located on the territory of the Maliy rosary (small rosary).

The building with an area of almost 600 square meters will house more than 50 different species of tropical and subtropical exotic plants. All those wishing to will be allowed to hold photoshoots with the rare flowers any time of the year. It is also planned to host regular tours and exhibitions.

Some of the plants from the orangery’s future collection have already been announced. There will be Ehmeya – a plant from Central and South Africa which blooms once a year with large pink flowers, its petals resembling spiky scales. There will also be Schefflera – it is believed that this plant absorbs negarive energy, Canary Date Palm, Dizygotheca with delicate leaves and tender white flowers and a collection of orchids.


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