Around 5,000 Brazilian tourists might come to St. Petersburg for 2018 World Cup

Brazilian tour operators and journalists appreciated hospitality and comfort of St. Petersburg
23 August 2016
Alexander Demyanchuk/TASS
Up to 5,000 Brazilian tourists might visit St. Petersburg during the matches of the FIFA 2018 World Cup Russia™ – according to the estimates were made at the meeting of President of the City Tourism Development Committee Andrey Mushkarev with Brazil’s leading tour operators and journalists.

"We can already see that St. Petersburg is ready for the 2018 World Cup. We think that around 5,000 fans from Brazil may might come for the 2018 World Cup in St. Petersburg," according to an official representative of the FIFA tour operator in Brazil.

According to the Committee for the development of tourism, Brazilian delegation appreciated high level of development of transport infrastructure of St. Petersburg, as well as the atmosphere and people’s hospitality. "Brazilian bloggers and tour operators admitted that they really liked the Russian cuisine, especially borshch, pelmeni, cabbage rolls and Russian vodka," the press service of the Committee said.

Brazilians are not among the largest groups of foreign tourists in St. Petersburg, and the Committee hopes that their interest in football can lead to an increase in tourist traffic from the country.

The Committee notes that the emergence of organized groups of tourists from Latin America is a trend of 2016: "The trend in respect of South American tourists is observed in the city for the second year, the exact data on their number can be estimated by the end of the season. In 2015, St. Petersburg conducted active campaigns to promote its tourism products to the markets of Latin America, and this season, several countries showed significant growth in tourist arrivals, especially from Argentina and Mexico. For the first time, organized tourist groups from Chile, Peru and Venezuela were seen in St. Petersburg.”


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