At least 672 minifootball fields to open in Tatarstan for 2018 World Cup

Fields will be built near the teen clubs, and sports schools
12 October 2015
Artiom Geodakyan/TASS

At least 672 all-purpose playgrounds with fields for minifootball will open in Tatarstan for 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, spokesperson for the Ministry of Construction, Architecture, Housing and Communal Services of the Republic of Tatarstan Gulnaz Minnikhanova told

"Tatarstan has a national program for the construction of all-purpose playgrounds with football fields. From 2013 to 2016 we are planning to build 672 playgrounds. About 1.4 bln rubles ($22.45 mln) were allocated for this from the republican budget,” Minnikhanova said. “If the program is extended to 2017 and 2018, the number of playgrounds will be even larger," she added.

According to Minnikhanova, playgrounds are usually built close to the teen clubs, sports schools. They include a small football field coated in rubber crumb, fitness centers, playgrounds for volleyball and basketball.

"In the framework of the republican program 484 all-purpose playgrounds were already built for 1 bln rubles," Minnikhanova explained.

According to the press service of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sport of the Republic of Tatarstan, 46 youth sports schools with football branches were opened in the republic. The total number of teens attending football training is more than 8,100.


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