Automated trains to be launched on Moscow Ring Railway

The navigation will be based on GPS/GLONASS and GSM-R communication systems, installed in all trains
18 March 2016

Automated trains will be launched on the Moscow Ring Railway, similar to those used at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Moscow city administration said on its official website.

The system will initially operate giving suggestions to the driver, but in the future will be able to control the trains automatically. "At the first stage it will be a partial autopilot, but we expect that later the system will be set to automatic mode, where people have only supervisory responsibility," the city administration press service said.

Navigation will based on GPS/GLONASS and GSM-R communication systems, which will be installed in all trains. It will monitor the speed of Lastochka trains online and correct timetable, and control the distance between trains. All information from the satellites will come to traffic control center in Moscow. A similar center operated during 2014 Winter Olympics. At the time, passenger traffic totaled about 4.8 mln people, and the train maintained schedule at 99.6%.

The system allows controlling the basic parameters of safety. In emergencies it notifies the dispatcher, and then gives train operators a new timetable. Automatic alarm system will have functions of traffic lights, which will be installed only at the stations. These innovative technologies enable trains to operate with minimal headways, almost like in the subway, and guarantee safety and comfort of transportation.

New Lastochka trains made in Russia that will start operating on the Moscow Ring Railway will be near silent and can accelerate to 120 km/h. The trains will also have free Wi-Fi and restrooms and multimedia screens in each train carriage. Climate control will provide comfortable temperature.

The Moscow Ring Railway is scheduled for launch in September of this year.



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