Banks of lake Nizhny Kaban in Kazan to be landscaped for 2018 World Cup

The development project of the three lakes and Bulak river streams could require up to 1 billion rubles 
08 October 2015
Egor Aleev/TASS
View of the lake Kaban. Tatarstan

The banks of Nizhny Kaban lake in Kazan, where according to a legend lays a hidden treasures of the Kazan khan, will be landscaped for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. The project could require up to 500 mln rubles ($8.1 mln), attracted through the mechanism of public-private partnership, Assistant to the President of Tatarstan Natalia Fishman told

"The concept of the Chinese architectural office Turenscape for the development of the banking areas around the lakes Nizhny Kaban, Sredny  Kaban and Verkhny Kaban as well as  Bulak river streams  was approved," Fishman said.

According to Fishman, the project will take up for 20 years, but the first stage that involves improving Nizhny Kaban lake in the central part of the city, will be completed by 2018.

"It will be a quay with restaurants, natural areas, playgrounds, areas related to the historical heritage,” Fishman said. She noted that the area around the lake could be used during the 2018 World Cup in Russia. "We want to make a pontoon stage on the water, which could broadcast football matches," she added.

The development project of the three lakes and Bulak river streams could require up to 1 bln rubles ($16.23 mln), half of this sum would be allocated to the improvement of lake Nizhny Kaban, since this area is the hallmark of the city and the center of attraction for tourists.

"It will not be solely budgetary funds because the system of Kaban lakes has great commercial potential. We plan to attract investments from the private sector," Fishman said.



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