During Confederations Cup free transport to be marked with special sign

Signs will be located on the vehicle board and windshield
07 June 2017
© ANO Transport Directorate 2018

During the FIFA Confederations Cup Russia 2017, a wide public transport network will be available to fans. As reported by the Transport Directorate 2018, the guests of the tournament will be able to use public transport free of charge within cities, transfer from the airport to the city, and also intercity trains.

For ease of navigation and to help fans find their transport quicker, it will be marked with a specially designed logo. It is a dome of red or blue colour, in which the figures of the fans are inscribed. The dome itself is located on the base with the inscription "Бесплатный проезд / Free Ride".

Also the emblem can be black and white. The sign will be located both on the body of the vehicle and on its windshield.

Special stands with the emblem of free travel will be placed at the Confederations Cup host cities train stations. On the counters you will find the information necessary for fans: the schedule of free additional trains, directions to the city and to trains. Also, mobile stations can be placed on platforms.

In order to receive a free train ticket, fans needs to have a ticket for the match, a FAN ID and a registered coupon for a free train at https://tickets.transport2018.com.


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