Before Chile - Germany match fans stages carnival in streets of Kazan

In bright clothes, with body art on their faces and body, to the sound of the drums, the fans "revived" center of Kazan
22 June 2017
Fans of the national teams of Chile and Germany proved to the whole world that the nature does not have bad weather. In the pouring rain four hours before the start of the FIFA Confederations Cup Russia 2017 group stage second round match, a real carnival was organized on the streets of Kazan.

In bright clothes, with body art on their faces and body, to the sound of the trumpet and drums fans cheered the center of the city. Chileans and Germans made joint photos, exchanged handshakes and wished the Russians victory in the upcoming match against Mexico, which will be held on June 24 in the capital of Tatarstan.

Three thousand fans came to Kazan. Chilean fans turned out to be the majority. It was noticeable by the groups of people who were singing the hymn of Chile in different parts of Kazan, passing through the city streets with the flags of this country. Torrential rain, which covered the center of the city four hours before the start of the match, did not spoil the mood of Chileans. They did not hide under a canopy, but continued the festive procession, which was more like a carnival. Soon the rain stopped and the sky over Kazan was decorated with a double rainbow. Seeing it, the Chilean fans joyfully tapped into the drums and sang national songs.

There were significantly less fans from Germany in the streets of Kazan. They modestly stood near the buildings of cafes and restaurants, discussing the upcoming match. The Germans were smiling, looking at the noisy procession of the Chileans, sometimes they making photographs.


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