Cable-stayed roof structure to be installed at Volgograd Arena in April

The installation process will take several months
16 February 2017

Builders working on Volgograd Arena, which will host matches of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™, will begin installing the cable-stayed roof structure, according to the general contracting company Stroytransgaz’s Volgograd Arena Construction Director Sergei Kamin.

"The process of installing the cable-stayed roof structure takes several months and includes two main stages – assembly, which started in December 2016, and placing the construction into its permeant position. The second stage is planned for April," Kamin said.

According to him, the cable-stayed system of the stadium is unique. "Supporting elements of the cable-stayed system placed over the stadium’s stands aren’t massive steel constructions most arenas have. They are strong steel cables. This provides for metal consumption in construction and usually is applied in such regions of the world where there the roof doesn’t experience much of a snow load," Kamin clarified.

After the cable-stayed roof system will be assembled and placed atop the stadium (top mark standing at 48 meters), it will be fitted with a membrane cover in white, blue and light blue.

"Volgograd Arena is the first stadium in Russia with a cable-stayed roof system with the capacity of 45,000 seats (the only analogy is much smaller and is located in Krasondar)."

"Foreign expertise was used in the design of this arena. However, the stadium in Volgograd is unique and there’s nothing like it anywhere in the world. An individual cable-stayed roof system project is developed specifically for every such site," Kamin stressed.

The roof system weighs around 2,300 ton and has over 12 km of cables. The accuracy of each cable tension will be controlled by special equipment and computer programmes.

"Considering the complexity of the roof’s cabling structure, its installation is carried out under the supervision of specialists from the designer company and the plant, which manufactured the cable-stayed system in Switzerland," Stroytransgaz press service said.


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