Construction of pedestrian bridge for 2018 World Cup stadium begins in St. Petersburg

In addition to pedestrians and cyclists, special purpose vehicles will be able to use the bridge
26 February 2016
Alexander Demyanchuk / TASS
Construction of the section of the Western High-Speed Diameter motorway on Kanonersky Island, St. Petersburg

Construction of Yahtenny bridge begins in St. Petersburg. The bridge will connect the southern coast of Primorsky district and Krestovsky Island with the arena for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia is currently under construction, press service of Vice Governor of Saint Petersburg Igor Albin told

"The bridge in the alignment of Yahtennaya street in St. Petersburg will give people access to the stadium from the side of the Primorsky district and will contribute to the development of pedestrian and bicycle access to recreational areas," the press service quoted Albin.

The length of the bridge according to the design project is 491.93 meters, width – 16.29-17.1 meters, height from top of the roadway up to the level of low-water elevation - 21.04 meters. Special purpose vehicles will be able to use the bridge in addition to pedestrians and cyclists.

Head of the Committee for Investments Irina Babyuk said the bridge is not going to have retail areas. "Just a pedestrian bridge that special vehicles can also use. Nevertheless, development of the area around the bridge is possible," she said.


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