Eight triumphal arches of different epochs to be erected for Moscow city day celebrations

Triumphant Moscow historical patriotic festival will be celebrated in the city 5 September
24 August 2015
Artiom Geodakyan/TASS
City Day celebrations in Moscow, 2014

Eight triumphal arches will be erected on Tverskaya Ulitsa as part of the City Day celebrations. The organizing committee for the upcoming festivities said that the arches will be reproductions of real counterparts constructed from the times of Peter the Great to the Soviet Union. The festival, entitled Triumphant Moscow will showcase three centuries of Russia’s greatest victories.

Decorators, architects and art scholars studied archives and consulted with historians and restorers. Each arch will be eight metres wide and eight metres tall. Metal piping, plastic, plywood, plastic, polystyrene, plaster metal and paint will be used for construction. Assembly will require 16 hours – hence Tverskaya Ulitsa will be closed for traffic starting 4pm on 4 September.

Visitors will see models of Figurnye (Vinogradnye Gates, which were dedicated to the victory in the Russo-Turkish War. Constructed in 1776 in Tsaritsyno, this arch is one of the few remaining monuments to the Russian Gothic style. Nikolaevskie Gates will also be displayed at the festival. The original was built in 1838 – a copy of a Saint Petersburg arch themselves, a birthday present from Emperor Nicholas I to his mother, Empress Maria Fiodorovna. The arch, dubbed “Chugunnye” (Cast Iron), became part of the Kuzminki estate ensemble. 


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