Ekaterinburg celebrates Volunteer Day with a ‘green’ event

200 activists took part in a football tournament
06 December 2016

Activists of the Ekaterinburg volunteer center (based on the Ural Federal University, or UrFU), along with the university’s student organizations have organized a large-scale green event and took part in a football tournament as part of the International Volunteer Day celebrations.

UrFU had several locations which accepted paper for recycling, batteries for safe disposal, and pet food for homeless animals of Ekaterunburg. UrFU students and staff, as well as local residents, took part in the donations.

The main building hosted a photo exhibit entitled “New Life of Old Things,” showcasing novel ways of using outdated day-to-day items, such as fridges or other large appliances.

200 volunteer candidates took part in a football tournament organized by Ural FC and UrFU Volunteer Center.

“I am glad that we were able to celebrate our professional holiday on such a scale and display the wide variety of activity that our volunteers are engaged in. Even during the World Cup they will not only help out with organizing the sporting events, but also uphold principles of sustainable development and solve environmental issues,” said Alexander Antimonov, Director of the UrFU Volunteer Center.


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