Embankments reconstruction begins in Moscow

Traffic along the embankments will be reorganized; at the same time comfortable space for pedestrians and cyclists will be added

08 August 2016
Sergey Bobylev/TASS

Reconstruction program for the Moscow River embankments begins in the Russian capital, according to Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin. "We started the program "Moscow River", which includes creation of normal comfortable paths to approach the river. Today, about half of the territory is not available to citizens in general, or clearly is uncomfortable," the mayor said. According to him, currently a number of improvement projects are under development and reconstruction of 40 public spaces has already started.

"The most important of them – Luzhniki, Zaryadye, a children's theme park in Nagatino, the embankment near the Moscow City. Here we have extended the Krasnopresnenskaya embankment for the first time using railroad tracks,” the Mayor said, adding that earlier it was a dead-end road. "Now, we are extending it to the side of the Shelepihinskaya embankment. I think that within 3 to 4 years the area on either side of the river will be reconstructed, about 10 km of embankment will be built, renovation of abandoned industrial sites will be carried out – it will become a comfortable urban area," Sobyanin said.

According to him, the northern Kutuzov Avenue relief road will be integrated into the transport hub of the City, and the exits to Krasnopresnenskaya embankment will be connected with the Third Ring Road. According to the Mayor, this is one of the more difficult projects. "We have started to implement it. I hope that in the next year or two the whole project will be done in terms of road construction. In general, it takes about 3 to 5 years and is largely dependent on the investors’ activity," Sobyanin said, noting "all the currently necessary decisions have been made."

The coastline of the Moscow River is more than 200 km. A large part of it is occupied by industrial zones and is not landscaped. "The main goal of the project is to maximize the full inclusion of the coastline in the daily lives of city residents," the press-service of the Mayor and the Moscow government said.

The embankments will remain important major urban highways, but the traffic will be reorganized. At the same time, renovated and newly constructed embankments will become a comfortable space for pedestrians and cyclists. Parks and beaches will be also landscaped, industrial area reorganized, coastal areas will be renovated and the Moscow River rehabilitated environmentally.


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