Emergency rescue workers stage drill in Kazan to prepare for World Cup 2018

According to the legend of the practice rescue operation, the railway station was hit by a heavy storm
24 October 2016
Emergency rescue workers staged a drill in Kazan, practicing post-emergency rescue in the wake of a heavy storm that has seriously damaged the Kazan 2 railway terminal. According to the press office of the regional emergencies ministry, the drill was held in preparation for the games of the FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 and 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™.

"At 08:30 AM, during the passage of some dangerous meteorological phenomena in the form of a storm, the roof structure above the waiting room partially collapsed on an area of 150 sqm, killing 5 and injuring 35 people, 5 of them heavily. Another 5 people are believed to be under the rubble. The rubble mass measures 250 cubic metres. There is a threat of isolated conflagration loci emerging,” goes the background legend of the drill, according to the press office.

"All the rescue services responded to the emergency call simultaneously without delay, rush hour notwithstanding,” reported Andrei Orlov, deputy chief of the Russian emergencies ministry authority for Tatarstan, after the drill. “All units successfully completed their assigned tasks within regulation time. All priority actions by the fire-fighters and rescuers, including first aid to the victims, evacuation of the property and handing the injured over to the medical personnel were completed on time."


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