“Football Tour of Yekaterinburg: Setting the Course for World Cup 2018” to become a customary Museum Night feature

The bus proved too small to accommodate all those wishing to go on football-themed city tour
23 May 2016

The museums in Saransk, the capital of Mordovia, joined the rest of Russia in the Museum Night initiative. Between lunchtime and late evening that day, hundreds of art lovers were granted access to those museum spaces which are out of bounds on ordinary days, and see what secrets they hold.   

The Museum Night entertainment programme was unusually diverse this year. There were excursions, master classes, theatre performances, movie nights, and even a pyro show.  

At the S.D. Erzi Museum, the visitors were introduced to the oeuvre of Stepan Erzi, the famous sculptor who was hailed as the “Russian Rodin.” They watched a series of choreographed literary sketches, sand animation, films, and took part in contests and quizzes. The event continued with performances by the bands Mordance and BestWishes, ending with a pyro show.

At the I.D. Voronin Local History Museum the visitors were plunged into the atmosphere of 12th-century Saransk with a captivating show by Vladychny Polk, the historical reconstruction and medieval fencing club. Then they took part in a history quest, The Mystery of an Old Icon.  

The Mordovian Farmstead ethnography museum complex saw the largest visitor flow into its master classes. The Mordovian Folk Culture Museum had a few surprises up its sleeve: the visitors were offered to sample an assortment of local ethnic cuisine specialties, and attend the opening of the Stars of Cinematography express-exhibition, celebrating the Russian Film Year.   

Those who visited Saransk museums this year for the Museum Night said the event’s local programme has more and more interesting things to offer every year.  


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