Gennady Orlov becomes host city ambassador for 2018 World Cup

A well-known Russian commentator Gennady Orlov was made Saint Petersburg’s host city ambassador
13 December 2016
Gennady Orlov was made Saint Petersburg’s host city ambassador for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™. The announcement was made before the beginning of the special cancellation ceremony of stamps made for FIFA’s philatelic programme, which took place in the Olympic hall of Saint Petersburg’s Committee for Physical Culture and Sports.

Gennady Orlov became the city’s third ambassador. The other two are opera singer, Mariinsy Theatre soloist and People’s Artist of Russia Vasily Garello and film and theatre actor and People’s Artist of the RSFSR Mikhail Boyarsky.

Famous people, connected with the 2018 World Cup host cities can be chosen to become Ambassadors. These people must become part of a team preparing the country for the World Cup, must promote sports and a healthy lifestyle, form a positive image of Russia and the 2018 World Cup host cities, participate in official events.

Gennady Orlov
Gennady Orlov was a stricker during his footballer days. He played for Kharkiv’s FC Avanhard (1963-1966) and FC Metallist (1967), Leningrad’s FC Zenit (1966-1967) and FC Dinamo (1968-1969). He turned to journalism when he was playing for Dinamo. Orlov worked at a variety of sporting events such as the Olympics, World and European championships. He is also the president of Saint Petersburg’s Sports press association.

Photo: Committee on Physical Culture and Sports of St. Petersburg


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