Grand opening of stadium construction for World Cup 2018 held in Ekaterinburg

The stage of demolition works at the stadium is completed
07 October 2015

Sverdlovsk Region Governor Yevgeny Kuyvashev has launched the construction of the stadium for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. An impromptu ceremony of throwing coins into the foundation of a sports facility was held at the site of the future stadium.

"We will finish all the general construction works in 2016,” Yevgeny Kuyvashev told “There is no doubt that the stadium will be ready on time, all the works are conducted according to the schedule. The new sports facility will give us a lot of benefits, create jobs for example. It is estimated that up to 1,500 people will be involved in the construction. We will use fundamentally new technologies and building materials. It will be a good experience for our employees, and in the future we will be able to use it in the construction of other modern buildings,” he added.

In addition, the program of import substitution will be fully implemented in the construction process - materials are mainly produced in Russia.

"New modern sports facility will enhance the prospects for the development of sport in the Sverdlovsk region for children and adults,” Kuyvashev said. “The stadium will have a large space under the bleachers, where in the future we will have sections, clubs and other sports organizations. It opens up great opportunities for sports activities,” he added.

The stage of demolition works at the stadium is completed. All the equipment was removed from the upper field – bleachers, locker rooms, equipment. All the equipment was transferred to the sports facilities of municipal structures of the Sverdlovsk region for further use. Artificial surface of the upper field was dismantled and will be removed and stowed in Novouralsk branch of the Olympic reserve school №1.

Construction workers started to reinforce historic walls of the eastern and western bleachers, foundation for tower cranes are in the works. 12 cranes in total will be installed at the site in the future.

The start of large-scale construction works is marked by pouring foundation for pylons. This is one of the key sites both in terms of scope and in conjunction with the major works on the installation of metal canopy and façade, and bleachers.


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